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Nathan Sports: TRIANGLE Hydration Waist Pack

Nathan Sports

I have been joining several short distance fun runs (3K or 5K) and I never had to use hydration packs. There are water stations along the way, anyway, that use paper/plastic cups or bottled drinks so I didn't really find it necessary to have hydration packs. But the recent fun run I had, the HP Fun Run 2012, was different. Aside from the fact that this is going to be my first 9K run, this fun race is "going GREEN". And when they say "going GREEN", it means there will be no paper/plastic cups, which runners usually throw along the route after drinking from them. Point taken. Ironic how runners join fun runs to raise awareness and help the environment (or whatever cause), yet they are also the ones contributing to the problem when they throw their cups along the road.

Good thing, HP ties up with Nathan Sports by giving 50% discount on selected Nathan products. HP's "We're going GREEN" indeed matches Nathan Sports' "I will DITCH DISPOSABLES". I took advantage of this promo and bought Nathan Sports Triangle Waist Pack.

Nathan Triangle

Nathan Triangle Waist Pack, with original price of 1,490Php (bought for 745Php), is the cheapest waist pack that I found among the selected items with discount. I was really eyeing the (hot) pink version as it matches my running shoes and other running apparel, but the discount only applies to colors Teal, Royal, and Black. I opted to have Teal.

*from Nathan Sports website

The front has a Nathan logo and a reflective swoosh detail which is useful in early morning or evening runs. The waist pack itself is padded and is comfortable to wear if fitted properly.

Nathan Triangle with BPA-free bottle

The BPA-free bottle is easy to grip and can contain up to 22oz which I find just enough for what I need. The spill-proof bottle cap/nozzle makes it convenient to drink and matches the color of the waist pack (except for Black which has Orange cap). The bottle is held in place by a loop that is being attached to the cap. So even if the bottle is angled at your back, there is no worry that the bottle will fall off.

One complaint that I have though is when colored drinks are placed in the bottle, the stains remain on it and can't be removed by simply washing it. It was suggested to use bleach just to remove those stains.

Nathan Triangle with spill-proof 22 oz bottle

I like that it has a mini pocket where I can put a hanky or even a cellphone. Inside the pocket, there is a key clip where you can place your keys.

Nathan Triangle with mini pocket for keys, cellphone, etc

On the other side, there is a smaller pocket which fits a mini identification card where you can put your name and contact details, and is useful in case of emergency. 

Nathan Triangle with ID/medical emergency card

This product has only one size which can fit 26- to 46-inch waists. The belt is adjustable but I had a bit of hard time adjusting and finding the perfect fit. In fact, I had the belt ready the night before our race and I thought it was already tight enough to hold into place. But during the race, just after a few runs, I noticed that the waist pack was bouncing and the belt kept on going up to my tummy instead of staying on waist level. I had to push it down to my waist several times during the race and I guess it affected my pace. But then, when the bottle container was almost empty, that was the time the waist pack stayed in place. 

Nathan Triangle with adjustable belt

I guess it is still a matter of getting used to waist packs and finding the perfect fit (whether the bottle is filled or not) that would make this product a good match for me. Nevertheless, I am still looking forward in using it in my runs and hikes.