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Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I bought a house & lot last 2010 and it has been ready for turnover since January 2012. It was a 40-square-meter-2-floor row house that I need to fill up with furniture and stuff. Since it has a quite small floor size, I need to choose carefully the furniture that I'll be placing and as much as possible, they should be multipurpose.

I saw Mandaue Foam’s newest TV commercial and got the idea to checkout their site: Mandaue Foam website

Now here are my Top 3 Picks from Mandaue Foam's site: 

Magic Sofa Bed (24,000Php)
This simple yet neat-looking sofa bed will definitely fit and match my limited living room space. Sofa at day time, bed at night!
Mandaue Magic Sofa Bed

YA-023DT-S-Hi-Gloss Lilac Grey Dining Table +YA837CH Modern PU Dining Chair (27,000Php)
Sossy and glossy, and notice how the table top can be expanded to accommodate more people in the dining place. When done, it can just be slid back to occupy a smaller area.
Hi-Gloss Lilac Grey Dining Table + Modern PU Dining Chair

Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed (Foamtex Foam) (3,800Php - 6,000Php)
With this Buy 1 Take 1 sofa bed, we're not just talking about space saving but also money saving! These sofa beds are ideal space savers to be placed as additional seats in bedrooms or living room. They can serve as beds or mattresses for guests as well. 
Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed (Foamtex Foam)

I found several items that I would like to put in my list but I just prioritized space saving. Mandaue Foam has a wide selection for whatever your need is. With Mandaue Foam, "Your home, your imagination".