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REVIEW: Islands Massage: P200 Aromatic Body Spa and Luxury Foot Treatment (P1050 Value) from MetroDeal!

Aside from an almost-free lunch (Gift Certificate from Pizza Hut) and a discounted White Chocolate Pistachio Cheesecake from Cheesecake, etc., we thought of using our soon-to-be-expired Massage voucher from MetroDeal - Islands Massage. 

Since we call for reservation only a month before its expiration (we can blame ourselves here) and there were thousands who bought this voucher, we had a hard time looking for slots. They were suggesting 1AM or 2AM... oh my! Luckily (or maybe just meant for us), we found a December 01 slot -- only at 10AM (which I find too early since I work in the afternoon to midnight shift). 

*The Foot Spa*

I like their Zen interior, but I like the comfy couch (where I was seated to have the foot spa) more! It was relaxing and it felt that I am being hypnotized to sleep just by seating on it. 

For foot spa, it started with soaking our feet on the foot spa machine for several minutes. Scrub was then applied, followed by the actual scrubbing and foot massage. Lastly, our feet were soaked again on a reddish water. 

*The Massage*

We were placed in a room for three, though I'm not sure if there were individual rooms for privacy. The massage techniques were more on sliding and pressing so nothing really new. But what made this experience "stand out" is the masseuse's "heavy hands" even if I didn't ask for a hard massage. I know, I should have complained for it but the pressure she applies was inconsistent. At some point, it was OK, but for some, feels like my bones are going to break. Even for head massage (which usually is my favorite) I had it bad, especially on the part when my hair is being pulled. Felt like I do not want to finish the whole hour. And oh, it says Aromatic Body Spa but I did not notice the aroma that much. 

Overall, the foot spa plus massage for 200Php was "sulit" for the price, but not for its actual value of 1,050Php. 

1764 Nicanor Garcia St, Barangay Valenzuela, Makati City
+632 4037008, +632 3774717
+63908 1376565, +63915 8984909

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