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A Girl's Fairytale

A Girl's Fairytale  

They say fairytales are for little girls, yet here I am, in my mid-twenties, still believing in a "Prince Charming" and a "happily ever after" someday. Call me idealistic or maybe a dreamer, but at the back of my head, I would still be wishing... hoping.

For more than twenty years of my life, I've waited for a Prince Charming. I have pictured him in my mind, exactly how I wanted him to be - in a strong form but gentle manners, in reasonable thoughts yet calm behavior. Somehow a Knight in Shining Armor who can protect me, treat me as a lady, and fight for me.

As time passes, the yearning just grows that I had imagined how it would be when I finally meet him. Spending days together, walking hand in hand, smiling although it is just the plain us. Seeing pictures of happy days, endless "I love you's", telling the world how we love each other.

But that is just a girl's dream. Reality can't be how you imagined it. It's not perfect. And sometimes, you just have to accept what it offers, adjust to it, and that's how you achieve that little fairytale of yours.