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Mind S-Cool TV Season 4 is Back with the Theme: "WE ARE ONLY OK IF NATURE IS OK."


MIND S-COOL TV is back with new adventures this JUNE26!

We are one with nature. We are alive because of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat -- all of which are products of nature. The recently concluded MIND S-COOL TV Season 3 focused on the working connections of living and non-living elements of nature which is “biodiversity”. It emphasized the idea: "I AM BIODIVERSITY AND BIODIVERSITY IS ME". 

"AURA" - a biodiversity headpiece that represents our connection to nature

However, we usually just see the benefits we get from our biodiversity; how it helps our well-being so we can be "okay". But on the other side, who "checks up" if our nature is still okay? What can we do so in return, nature will benefit from us?

MIND S-COOL TV Season 4 revolves on the theme: "WE ARE ONLY OK IF NATURE IS OK". This 6-episode adventure will discover a very unique “OK Clinic” where we get to see what ails our Philippine biodiversity and how these are seriously affecting our own health as Filipinos. Just as when we have a check-up to see if our heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital systems are working well, we will get to zoom in on the habitats – forests, wetlands and the seas – to get to understand that these are the natural lifelines we have and that destroying them will spell tragedies for what we thought were only our “personal” health.

Sneak Peak of MIND S-COOL TV Season 4 at The Mind Museum

These “check-up” adventures that our questers Mikee and Pecier will live out across the 6 episodes, will be punctuated by the presence of the “doctors” who study and check on “biodiversity”. They are namely Kuya Aldrin, ecologist of the “OK Clinic”, and Ate Rina, the “head banker” of a very different kind of bank called “Samu’t Saring Bangko ng Buhay.”  And of course, Manong G (which stands for “genius guard”), the mysteriously mindful “guard” of MIND S-COOL will be issuing his flashes of wisdom to the MIND S-COOL barkada in all these episodes. 

Rina Rosales, Dr. Aldrin Mallari, Pecier Decierdo, John Piggott, Dr. Ernesto Guiang, Mikee Estorga,Marlito Guidote 

The last 2 episodes of Season 4 will also empower viewers to discover that the treatments and cures for what ails Philippine biodiversity are within our reach. We can save ourselves by saving our biodiversity, and Season 4 will show audiences the powerful, creative and even fun ways we can do with our families, friends and community to chart our way towards positive health in this wondrous and beautiful archipelagic spot on this planet!

Mindfully created by an all-Filipino team of creatives in partnership with the Sustainable Interventions for Biodiversity, Oceans, and Landscapes (SIBOL) activity of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), MIND S-COOL TV Season 4 also makes use of imaginative set-designs and engaging science communication techniques, expertly honed by the team of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit science and art foundation that conceived and operates The Mind Museum, a science museum, and the BGC Arts Center.

Dr. Aldrin Mallari, Ecosystems Integration Specialist, USAID SIBOL

We may be splintered by many opinions in our politics and social lives BUT no one will survive without nature. There should be no debate about that if you live, breathe and eat. Our health and lives are literally at stake if we do not have a shared understanding of how our human lives are intricately connected with biodiversity – which is the way nature is structured and how it works to serve our lives. MIND S-COOL is our creative and concrete contribution to this vital understanding and we remain grateful for the USAID-SIBOL partnership to get this message across and hopefully imbibed by Filipino families

says Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director and Curator of the BAFI.

Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director & Curator, Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

SIBOL hopes that the message of environmental conservation in oceans and landscapes facilitates a deeper understanding with a wider audience. We hope that they will value our biodiversity, oceans and landscapes and their inherent capacity to sustainably supply ecosystem services for their own benefit and the development of communities

John Piggott, Acting Director, USAID Philippines Office of the Environment

MIND S-COOL TV Premiere of Season 4 airs on Cignal TV’s ONE PH Ch.1 on June 26, Sunday, 11:00am and 4:30pm (Philippines). It can also be streamed on the Mind S-Cool YouTube channel.