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Plant Seeds of Values through Tiny Buds!


Plant Seeds of Values through Tiny Buds! 

Tiny Buds is more than just a baby brand. From the products, the ingredients used, even the characters representing the brand are well-thought of and have always placed both parents and children in mind. Over 50 products ranging from baby skin care, oral care, home cleaners, and remedies have been developed -- all natural and free from harsh chemicals. 

With a mission to help parents teach their children the values of gratefulness, honesty, happiness, helpfulness, and hope, Tiny Buds features cute and lovable characters through story-telling. You can also find them in every Tiny Buds product. 

  • Twiga the Grateful Giraffe, who teaches children that "Thank You is a magic word"
  • Haha the Happy Hippo, who imparts to children that "Happiness comes from within"
  • Chabee the Hungry Panda, who reminds children that “It’s okay to make mistakes as long as we tell the truth”

Meet the Tiny Buds Characters! 

This November 05, 2021 Friday, 12NN Live at Tiny Buds Facebook Page, a new character and storybook will be revealed -- Tiny the Bud!

Watch it here: Seeds of Hope Storybook Launch

You can take home this Seeds of Hope storybook together with a Tiny Grow Kit Set for FREE this 11.11 (November 11, 2021) for a minimum purchase of Php1,111 Tiny Buds products from their official stores in Shopee, Lazada, and Edamama

FREE Gifts this 11.11! 

I love the idea of this Tiny Grow Kit. Planting seeds not only serves as a good activity with kids but also teaches values such as love, care, and patience. Watching the seeds grow into seedlings also means planting seeds of values to your child.