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Shopee X Nutricia: Up to 40% Savings on Nutricia's Shopee Mall Takeover!


Nutricia Shopee Mall Takeover 

Nutricia firmly believes that the right nutrition in the first 1,000 days from pregnancy until two years of age can positively influence short and long term health outcomes. For 125 years now, they have continuously evolved to produce evidence-based nutritional solutions for pregnant women, infants, young children, and elderly to support them throughout their lives. 

Good news to everyone as Nutricia products can easily be accessed through their Shopee Official Store in Shopee Mall -- and even better news, you can get up to 40% SAVINGS when you purchase through this channel. 

Get up to 40% savings on Nutricia products! Visit Nutricia Official Shopee Store!

Nutricia Official Shopee Store 

Here are the products that you can checkout from Nutricia

Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar - Berry Mix with DHA (18 bars x 40g)
Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar - Raisin and Chocolate with DHA (18 bars x 40g)

Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar - Berry Mix Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar - Raisin and Chocolate 

I share the same belief as Nutricia on early life nutrition that is why the moment I found out I was pregnant, I made the conscious effort to eat healthy for me and my growing baby. I wish I had known Aptamom Cereal Bar before. It could have made snacking convenient, nutritious, and delicious plus I get all essential prenatal nutrients such as Vitamin D, Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid, and DHA

Nutricia Aptakid Stage 4 Formula (800g)

Nutricia Aptakid Stage 4 Formula 

I may have missed having Aptamom when I was pregnant but I'm happy to recently discover Aptakid Stage 4 Formula. It is made in Europe and developed with the most advanced formulation of Pronutra+ a unique blend of ingredients to help strengthen the immune system. We know how important it is to boost our child's immune system especially with the pandemic still around. This milk also contains prebiotics GOS/FOS, DHA and Vitamins which are essential to growing children so we can #RaiseThemReady as they explore and learn at the same time.  

Visit Nutricia Official Shopee Store now to try these products! Download the Shopee app and use ShopeePay to get more vouchers, free shipping, and discounts. 

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