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5 Reasons to Move to Alberta


5 Reasons to Move to Alberta 

Alberta is one of the most incredible places on Earth, yet somehow it's often overlooked. Despite this, it thrives and is a beacon for the people who see its actual value. I have close relatives who moved to Alberta and still living there for so many years now.   

If you're ready to enjoy a simpler life while getting to enjoy the perks of city living: Alberta is the place to go. Here are the top five reasons people move out to this great province in Canada.

The Lively Sports Fans

The Calgary Oilers are so well known that even people who don't know hockey know about the team. The fans are intense in a fun way, and getting to be a part of this allows you to feel like you've stepped directly into a new and welcoming family. Every team in Alberta has intense and fun fans, and after you watch a game or two in person, you'll see why! The atmosphere is fun and fills audiences with adrenaline like they're the ones on ice.

Enjoying Smaller City Life

Toronto may be able to say it’s the most diverse city on Earth, and Vancouver can brag that it’s where countless movies were filmed: but Alberta can offer you all of this without having to feel like you’re constantly running out of space. Whether you’re looking at St. Albert real estate or wanting to vanish into Edmonton, you'll quickly realize that every city in the province keeps that fast-paced living but also ensures you'll have the comforts of a simpler life.

Glorious National Parks

From Banff to Jasper, Alberta knows how to let nature into their lives. The mountain ranges in both of these parks are breathtaking, and from there, they each have unique and exciting perks you can't replicate.

Banff is home to skiing and spas, straddling the line between Canada and the USA, and is all about winter sports. This is the top national park to visit in the country and has year-round attractions.

Jasper, on the other hand, has more of a classic national park feel to it. You can enjoy biking and walking tours while also getting to slip away at night into the club for beers and camaraderie with the other tourists. The chance to walk on and touch a real iceberg, and the opportunity to see how beautiful the natural world is, are both irreplaceable.

Built for Road Trips

Alberta has interesting and beautiful features in every corner of the province. Because it's such a large province, it's perfect for families or individuals who love road trips. You can put on a playlist, sit back and enjoy watching the beautiful views pass by while on your way to another fantastic destination.

Safer Communities For Kids

Alberta prides itself on being family-oriented. Working hard to offer safer communities, better-paying jobs, and more variety of communities gives everyone a chance at safer family life. Every city is perfectly walkable at all hours, and people who live in Alberta rank it highly on how secure they feel. If you're starting a family or relocating yours, there's no place to move like Alberta.