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Shopee X Surf: My Top 5 "Personal" Wais Clothing Tips for You!


Wais Tips for Everyone! 

"Practical" -- that's the term that came to my mind when I was asked a word to describe myself. I lean on choices that would yield the most benefit in the long run. Take for instance my hair. I used to have long, thick, frizzy hair that I had to go to salon every year for a hair rebond. Realizing the effort to keep up with it everyday, I decided to have my hair cut short -- into a pixie. Couldn't be more thankful as now I use less shampoo and conditioner (saves money!), no more heaviness (feels better!), and I don't even have to comb it (saves time and effort!). 

I apply this trait in a lot of aspects in my life but for now, let me share MY TOP 5 CLOTHING TIPS specially curated for you!

1. Choose Plain Colored Clothes

Colors black, white, brown/khaki are essentials in every wardrobe. They're classic, simple, and versatile. You can easily match these with other colors so you don't have to buy a lot of clothes. You can go for monochrome or contrast depending on your mood. And if you're someone who's conscious about other people thinking how often you repeat your clothes, well, mixing and matching plain colored clothes will save you as they won't really know if those are the same pieces (versus printed designs that are catchy). 

2. Go for Ukay Clothes

I used to have reservations in buying ukay clothes as I don't know where they came from, who wore them, etc. But then I learned that the key things are finding a good trusted shop and cleaning the clothes thoroughly. You'll be amazed with the variety, the quality, and how much you'll save when you go for ukay-ukay. This is also a way to sustain clothes and reduce waste.  

Here's a complete gym/dance outfit I got from ukay all for less than Php100. These are American branded clothes, no damage, and very much intact. 

I go ukay for my gym/dance outfits  

3. Shop during Sale

If you're not into ukay-ukay, what I recommend is to plan ahead and shop only for what you you really need, then buy them during sale -- such as during SHOPEE sales! In that way, you still get more value for your money due to huge discounts, free shipping, and vouchers

4. Find the Optimum Time/Frequency to do the Laundry 

Washing too few and too often may soar up your electric and water bill. This is because doing a partial load uses the same amount of water as in full load. On the other hand, doing too much laundry all at the same time would consume precious time that you could have spent with family or doing other chores. So know every when you get to have a full load of laundry (eg. every week) so you can save on water, electricity, and time

5. Use Detergent and Fabric Conditioner that Provides the Most Value for Your Money

Whether you buy brand new or second-hand clothes, the detergent and fabric conditioner that you use matter to [1] thoroughly cleanse the clothes, [2] maintain the colors to always keep them looking new -- or seemed to be brand new, [3] keep a long lasting fragrance despite the weather conditions. These things will provide the best value for your money!

Surf Powder Detergent has Active Clean Technology that keeps your clothes clean, white, and fragrant because of its improved formulation. Surf Fabric Conditioner uses the Sun-Bloom Technology that makes the clothes smell even better under the heat of the sun. These two provides premium quality and double the fragrance at the same affordable price

Want to be more "wais"? Then head over to Unilever Home Care Official Shopee Store and grab their special offers! 

Surf Cherry Blossom Detergent Powder 2.2kg Special Offer x2

Surf Cherry Blossom Detergent Powder 2.2kg Special Offer x2 

Surf Luxe Perfume Fabric Conditioner Pouch 720ml Special Offer x2

Surf Luxe Perfume Fabric Conditioner Pouch 720ml Special Offer x2 

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