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NutriAsia: Learn Proper Nutrition with Pinggang Pinoy: Pina-Sweet Sarap Comprehensive School Program!


Pinggang Pinoy: Pina-Sweet Sarap Comprehensive School Program 

My little boy is currently in Grade 1. Although his first solid food were all fruits and vegetables, there was a phase when he preferred the non-healthy ones like sweets and chips. But after educating him about the importance of healthy food, what it does to our body to boost our immune system especially these times when there are new viruses around us, I was surprised how willing he is to take on the healthy path as young as he is. 

This is why I am so happy to share this partnership made by NutriAsia and Papa with both Department of Education (DepEd) and Marylindbert International for SY 2020-2021 -- the PINGGANG PINOY: PINA-SWEET SARAP COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL PROGRAM

Healthy Food for a Stronger Me 

This program aims to educate Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 2 students about good diet and right nutrition, and how it will lead to proper and healthy development. It is very important that children in their formative years learn and understand what nutritious food are, how they boost the bodily functions, and how they contribute to overall good health, intelligence, and behavior so they can succeed better in life later on. 

The Pinggang Pinoy program will be launched in 30 participating schools in Regions I, X, XI, and the Cordillera Administrative Region. The mentioned class module is the first part of the program, while succeeding stages include cooking demonstrations and activities to prepare healthy snacks using Papa products, and cooking contest that will challenge teachers, parents, and even students to come up with their unique recipes using Papa Banana Catsup and Papa Spaghetti Pack.

It is such a wonderful advocacy from Papa to help Filipino students. And since learning from home (eg. homeschooling, distance learning) is the only way for kids to be educated, they also produced educational video for the NutriAsia's HomeSchool Program which can be found at

For more information and updates on Pinggang Pinoy and NutriAsia’s other initiatives, visit the official website at, and follow NutriAsia on Facebook.