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3M: See How 3M has been Part of Our Lives More Than We Can Think Of!


Innovation Experience with 3M 

You know how embedded 3M products are in our lives? Let me start with Scotch tape. I was "today" years old when I realized that Scotch tape, the term I've been using all my life to refer to that clear strip of adhesive, is actually a brand name -- a brand from 3M!

Then there goes the neon memo pads with sticky end, we commonly call as Post-It Notes, widely used by students, and even in offices for notes and reminders. In our household, one very common 3M product is that two-sided sponge in yellow and green that is used to wash dishes. You guessed it right, Scotch-Brite! These are the most common ones -- so common that we might think 3M as a company is all about that. 

A Virtual Innovation Tour hosted by 3M opened my eyes on how vast and great this company is. Far more than the home, school, and office products, this company is greatly contributing to industries such as automotive, electronics, health care, and transportation -- to name a few. Those reflective road signs that are effective in guiding motorists whether day or night time, sunny or rainy; those personal protective equipment that are highly necessary now that we are in pandemic; all of these are results of 3M's continuous innovation. 

3M has been part of our daily lives more than we know and longer than we think. Over a hundred years in the industry, the key remains the same -- Science. Even the simplest Command Hook that you use for wall mounting or hanging has Science behind it to ensure that it will hold strongly yet won't damage your wall. The N95 respirator uses a unique filter media technology that allows you to breathe while keeping you safe from contaminants. And do you know that not all Scotch-Brite sponges are the same? Think about how they designed Scotch-Brite Easy Clean and Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty. Both are very effective in cleaning but are well-thought-of for specific use.

3M never stops inventing products that will improve the daily life of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In the Philippines, they also provide support through Financial Grants to Project Damayan of Caritas Manila and Philippine Business for Social Progress, personal protection equipment (PPE) donations to Philippine National Red Cross and several private and public hospitals, and through sharing their knowledge via Science at Home (a series of science education modules that parents and kids can do together, to supplement science lessons in school).

Visit to learn more about their products and advocacies.