Frozen 2: 4 Reasons Why This Much-Awaited Sequel is Totally Worth a Watch!

Frozen II Rhyme
Frozen II 

 Mommies, get ready as your little kiddos will surely suffer from another round of Frozen fever!
SM Megamall IMAX
SM Megamall IMAX 

The 2013 Frozen was a blast! This 2019 sequel  went a little off-classic but is definitely worth a watch not only for the young ones but even for adults.
Frozen II Special Advance Screening 

Here are the 4 Reasons Why I Think Frozen 2 is Worth Watching after viewing it in advance with my son last November 14, 2019 at SM Megamall IMAX.

  • Catchy Enjoyable Songs Will Give You LSS. Frozen is a musical animated film so expect "Disney feels" songs here and there. If the first film had "Let It Go", this sequel has their version of another remarkable song -- "Into the Unknown". But what I really love was Anna's song towards the end which talks about the "Next Right Thing". It is very meaningful and relevant even to adults like me.

  • Deeper Story and Life Lessons Not Only For Kids. You know how Disney always incorporate lessons and values in their films so the younger audience can absorb them. Frozen 2 still has that, except I felt I had more realizations as an adult than what my son learned from the movie. It would greatly help having a Mommy, a Daddy, or a Guardian explain the scenes.

  • A Magical Adventure. Even though Frozen 2 took a little off track from the classic Disney movies with its new and deeper take on the plot, it never failed to amaze the young viewers with its stunning visuals, magical creatures, and comedic relief. Olaf is really appealing to kids that my son was literally laughing out loud! 

  • Ultimate Sisters/BFF Movie! Frozen is the Disney animated movie that encourages great sisterly bonding. This has been shown since the first movie but Frozen 2 was able to strengthen that bond through a quest of finding the truth.
Thank you, Disney! 

Frozen 2 provides a more mature take without losing the playful connection with young audiences. Exciting and overly entertaining, you'd definitely want to bring your whole family to watch it!

Frozen II (2019)

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