Wing Zone: Fresh Catch Offerings for a Limited Time Only!

Wing Zone's Fresh Catch! 

Who says Wing Zone is just all about chicken and wings? Well, with summer and Lenten Season coming up, more people are looking for light and non-meat options. And this is where Wing Zone's new but limited-time offerings come in -- Fresh Catch!
Wing Zone 

One sumptuous fish fillet, four choices, but over 17 flavors to choose from! Exciting how you'll never run out of options even if you're still going for the same dish.

I've tried 15 of the flavors and you can find my thoughts here:
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Below are the four choices. I'd say they're all equally good and it just really depends on your mood whether you like something light or heavy. And even the flavors, you can go for something sweet, savory, spicy, or extra spicy!!

Fish and Rice (210Php)
Fish and Rice 

From a country where fish fillet became famous of, rice isn't common to go with it. But since we are in the Philippines where "rice is life", Fish and Rice is a perfect choice! This meal even comes with salad on the side.
Fish and Rice Fish and Chips 

Fish and Chips (230Php)
Fish and Chips 

And this is what I've been referring to earlier as the more common combination, especially from England where it originated -- Fish and Chips. I'd say this is the lightest among the Fresh Catch choices. Can't go wrong with soft fish fillet covered in thin crispy batter, freshly-made potato chips, and a flavorful dip of your choice.

Fish and Wedges (230Php)
Fish and Wedges 

Even before, I've been loving Wing Zone's Wedge Fries which I usually order as a side. So having this Fish and Wedges combination is also a good choice -- a little bit more filling, but definitely fulfilling!
Fish and Wedges Fish Burger 

Fish Burger (240Php)
Fish Burger 

On a little bit not-so-common option, at least for me, is the Fish Burger. That's why it's a surprise that I loved it! It's really simple -- in between buns are fish fillet, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a sauce of your choice. Amazing how Wing Zone's flavorful sauces could really make a huge difference and level up the flavor! This combination comes with potato chips.

Because "rice is life!" 

Well, if I really have to choose one, I'd go for Fish and Rice -- because I prefer rice over the potato sides (haha!). Though the Fish Burger is an interesting choice as well.

For the dips, my favorites are still: Liquid GoldTokyo DragonThai Chili, and Honey Q.

Wing Zone's Fresh Catch offerings are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! So take advantage of it while still available.

Wing Zone
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Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature these offerings. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 
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  1. wow dami pala flavors nyan 😋 exciting. Fave ko sa kanila ang mga chicken wings 👏 On Sunday baka mag megamall kami hehhe and me too mas bet ko rice

    1. Yes, dear! Ang daming flavors at nagdadagdag pa sila! May mga Filipino flavors na nga rin like Adobo. Hehe Worth a try! ;)


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