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Tokyo Ice Cafe: Kakigori, Shiro Pasta, the NEW Obento, and more!

Tokyo Ice Cafe 

Somewhere in SM Mall of Asia is a cute and pleasant cafe that serves delicious Kakigori, sandwiches, pasta, desserts, and drinks -- Tokyo Ice Cafe. To be exact, it is located at the ground floor of the new wing, Galeon Wing, North Entertainment Hall side.
a bit crowded bit still managed to be comfy 

The place is not so spacious, and the pillar at the center might have contributed to it. Yet probably due to the crowd visiting the place, they added tables and seats outside the main cafe. Nevertheless, the place remained comfy and neat -- the type that you would want to hangout and have a stress-free conversation with friends.
it's coffee o'clock! neat and pleasant 

Though best known for their Kakigori or Japanese Shaved Ice, there are other good items that you can have while dining.

Soy Zesty, Soy Good Wings (6 pieces - 360Php)
Deep fried chicken wings tossed in soy garlic sauce
Soy Zesty, Soy Good Wings 

Ooh-la-la for this Soy Chicken Wings! Glazed wings yet remained crunchy on the outside. Flavorful sweet soy taste that my son and I really enjoyed (this is my son's favorite among the food we had). Greatly reminds me of Korean fried chicken.
Soy Zesty, Soy Good Wings Shiro Pasta 

Kooma's Favorite Shiro Pasta (290Php)
White spaghetti with bacon and mushrooms tossed in a special sauce
Kooma's Favorite Shiro Pasta 

Shiro Pasta isn't the traditional carbonara but I love how creamy and cheesy (parmesan) it is even with not much sauce. In fact, it doesn't have to be soaked in sauce to fully taste the flavors. Topped with bacon slices and mushrooms for added texture and flavor. May not be obvious in the photos but this can be shared by 2, or even 3 if this is not what you'll solely be ordering.

Snowy Mango Kakigori (regular - 180Php, special - 260Php)
A symphony of mango-rrific flavors. The sweetness of Philippine mangoes on top of Japanese shaved ice makes up this perfect blend
Snowy Mango Kakigori 

Kakigori time! Snowy Mango Kakigori contains fresh mangoes, mango syrup, shaved ice, vanilla ice cream, and mochi. It is milky yet the mango flavor is still noticeable. Somehow reminds me of mango smoothie. The addition of mango chunks and mochi provides something to bite-on on this smooth and thinly shaved ice. You have the option to have it served in a bowl or on a cone, same price. For the cone, it just looks tall but actually it's just a disposable bowl placed on top of the cone.
Snowy Mango Kakigori Japanese Cheesecake and Ningyo-yaki 

Japanese Cheesecake (230Php)
Delectable, soft, and fluffy cheesecake that Kooma can't resist

Kooma Ningyo-yaki (8 pieces - 160Php, 12 pieces - 240Php)
A bear-y cute and sweet Japanese treat 
Japanese Cheesecake and Ningyo-yaki 

I think the Japanese Cheesecake and the Ningyo-yaki combination provided to us is how they are served as part of set meals. Not sure though what the Php230 Japanese Cheesecake looks like. But with how good this Japanese Cheesecake is, will really try the actual serving soon! No joke, but I really fell in love with this cheesecake. Probably my second or third time to try Japanese Cheesecake but it is here where I really appreciated how fluffy yet not airy it is, so soft and light but not dry. It was only a small piece that I had but I wanted to bite it slowly and enjoy it longer. Pure bliss! This changed my view on Japanese Cheesecake. Obviously, the best I had so far.
Chef Takuya 

Aside from trying some of Tokyo Ice Cafe's dishes, I also had the chance to learn the art of traditional Bento making from Chef Takuya. I was really excited on this as my son's class was about to start and I was considering bento-ing for his baon. Chef Takuya shared that in Japan, preparing bento is a way of parents to show their love for their children. Children proudly show to their classmates if their bento boxes are nicely done, and on the other hand, get ashamed when it's too simple.
Chef Takuya carefully preparing the bento finished product! 

I was provided ingredients to be used for my bento and it's up to me on how I wanted it to be assembled.
bento ingredients 

Since I'm doing it for my son who is just 4 years old, I wanted it to look cute and playful. So I made a smiley on the rice using the carrot slices and sesame seeds. I also made a flower out of hotdog and corn, with broccoli as the leaves or grasses.
my bento box! other assembled bento boxes 

Above, you can see the finished products of the other participants, including mine. It was really fun doing it and I was motivated to go with my plan to prepare bento baon for my son everyday. He seemed to like it!
Rhyme seems to like it! 

Now if you love bento boxes, you enjoy the variety of ingredients and colorful combination, good news because Tokyo Ice Cafe is now serving Obento! There are 5 bento boxes to choose from with price ranging from Php160 to Php280. I find the serving really filling for one person, but still depends on your appetite.
Obento Obento 

Tokyo Ice Cafe
Ground Floor, North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Tokyo Ice Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 

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