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REVIEW + DISCOUNT: Linen & Homes: Bamboo Bed Sheet Set!

Linen & Homes Bamboo Bed Sheet Set 

So I finally received my King Size Bed Sheet Set from Linen & Homes and we've been using them for a week now. This is our first ever bamboo bed sheet and reading about it in the past made me feel excited about this product.
King Size Bamboo Bed Sheet in Ivory 

Bamboo bed sheets are made from 100% bamboo fiber. They are generally expensive compared to cotton but are said to be one of the softest beddings. These are also highly resistant to microbial activity which is perfect to people with sensitive skin or allergies.
feel the difference with 100% bamboo fiber 


How expensive this product is? Well, it's Php3,000 for a single/twin size set to Php4,500 for the king size set. A set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. I know... for that price, you could have bought 6-10 sets of cotton bed sheets ranging from regular to high quality. But we're talking about bamboo bed sheets! Comparing to other bamboo bed sheet brands, prices are at least 1.5 times the price of Linen & Homes' products.
soft and smooth light and breathable 


The package arrived just 2 days after ordering from the website. Well-packaged as the bed sheet set was placed inside a box which was then placed in a parcel. Upon arrival, I immediately opened it to check the product. I was very much intrigued why it is expensive and what makes it different from cotton. First thing I noticed was the feel of the fabric. So smooth, feels breathable, looks durable. The linen wasn't that thin, but it feels light.
Ivory looks clean and matches our dark brown floor 


There are only 3 colors to choose from: White, Ivory, Gray. I wish there were more colors but these 3 would already suit easily any interior. I find White too bright, while Gray might look dark, so I opted for Ivory. It best fits our off-white/ivory walls and chocolate floor. Ivory looks clean and classy though in some of the pictures, it may look like white.
not wrinkle free classic Ivory 

While setting it up, I noticed that they are not wrinkle-free. Ironing them is not an option for me (even for photo purposes) so I just let the fold marks be visible. According to the site, the main reason is that Linen & Homes doesn't use any artificial wrinkle-free chemicals unlike other brands. To lessen wrinkling, it is advised to hang dry until completely dry.
we're loving our new bed sheet! 

After setting up, my son and I lay down on the bed and felt the smoothness and softness of the sheet. You know that feeling when you go to luxurious hotels and had that good night sleep? Their pillows could be one of the reasons, but the other is the bed sheet and linens they're using. I never thought I could achieve that feeling at home just by changing our bed sheet set. In fact, after setting up and asking my son to feel the bed, just a few minutes later, I found him sleeping peacefully. And that's what really amazed me!
no more sweaty mornings! 

I felt the difference more when my son and I slept on it overnight. Normally, and especially this summer, we always wake up to sweaty back. But when we started using the bamboo bed sheet, that doesn't happen anymore. The fabric itself has cooling effect that even with this summer season, it doesn't feel as hot. I even love using the flat sheet because it feels cool on the skin. The disadvantage I'm seeing is that it gets harder to get up in the morning because the sheets feel so comfy... I don't want to get up from bed!
great sleep everyday! 

Rest and great sleep are precious. Linen & Homes Bamboo Bed Sheets may appear expensive at first, but given the benefits, comfort, quality, and sustainability, this is really a good investment. You might even want to have at least 2 sets for your home.

To help you start upgrading your everyday sleep experience, here's 10% DISCOUNT when you use my promo code upon checkout.

Or, use this link to go to the site and automatically apply the discount: 
FREE SHIPPING within Philippines!

The site is very informative and user-friendly. Browse the pages to learn more about bamboo fabric, the company, sizing chart, care instructions, and more. Reward yourself with one of the softest bed sheets and have that wonderful sleep everyday!

Linen & Homes

Disclaimer: I was provided with the product for review. Pictures with my watermark are all mine. 


  1. I also have the same bamboo bed sheet, and I got them from their online page. Their sheets are one of the most comfortable sheets that I ever slept at. Totally worth buying!

    1. Hello! I agree! It's the bedsheet I ever had :) I plan to buy another one though they have increased their price.

  2. I got my bamboo bed sheets from the same brand too. I got it from their online store . Very comfy and the best sheet I ever had in the moment.


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