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Brotzeit: Kinder Children's Menu and Lunch Specials!

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant 

Brotzeit means "bread time" which suits a restaurant serving authentic Bavarian cuisine. But quality German beers can also be found here, so could it also mean "beer time"?
masculine chic ambiance 

Since it was my first time visiting the place, my impression of it being a "beer" place was further ensued by its chic masculine ambiance. Neatly-finished wooden tables, benches and couches covered in black leather, and a black and white wall accent for that contemporary casual dining experience.
enjoys the activity placemat picking up some crayons 

Now that they have introduced the Kinder Children's Menu, it gave me a whole new perspective of Brotzeit as a restaurant -- that it is a place where kids are welcome, kids can enjoy! As a mom, a kid-friendly restaurant really matters.

The paper placemat shows the menu for kids, while on the other side is an activity page to keep the kids entertained while waiting for the food. Set of crayons are also available so they can write, draw, or answer the activity sheet.
Kinder Children's Menu 

Each Kinder Menu meal comes with iced tea and Kinder Joy treat. Kiddie plate, cup, and utensils are also provided so the young ones can enjoy their food on their own.

Corndog (350Php)
Coated in cornmeal batter, and deep fried. Served with pommes

Just the sight of this Corndog rekindles childhood memories. And even at my age, I would still love to have it... yes, for me! Not just for my son.

Pancakes (350Php)
Fluffy pancakes with cream cheese glaze and sprinkles 

My son loves Pancakes! And in this lovely colorful form, it gets a definite thumbs up!

Chicken Nuggets (350Php)
Crispy fried chicken fillet. Served with pommes 
Chicken Nuggets 

Chicken Nuggets is another simple yet well-loved food by children. It's the go-to food of my son when he's feeling picky.

Kinder Fladen (350Php)
Flatbread with cheese and smoked ham 
Kinder Fladen pizza monster 

Kinder Fladen, or pizza, is what my son easily grabbed on while playing. He almost forgot to share the plate with other kids so I guess it is that suited for their taste buds. I got to try it and wow, the smoked ham is good!

Add to the four meals mentioned the Kinder Spatzle (spatzle in cheese with crispy bacon) and that completes the five Kinder Menu meals available at Brotzeit. I must say that the food selection, the preparation, and the recipe are well-thought of that a child, picky or not, would easily eat them due to simplicity and familiarity. The inclusion of Kinder Joy treat is a plus factor, especially to toddlers. It gives them something to look forward to once they have finished their meal.
Brotzeit Burger (Php 265)Brathandl (Php 265)

Brotzeit's new offerings are not just for kids (which the adults also enjoyed) as they also launched their New Lunch Specials. From Monday to Friday until 4PM, diners can choose among their 13 lunch specials such as the Brotzeit Burger, All Day Breakfast, Seafood Goulasch, and more! With prices starting at Php 265, customers can enjoy the same authentic German experience at more affordable price. They can also opt to have add-ons such as Sod, Pommes, Salad, or Chef's Dessert.

Pork Belly Sandwich (265Php)
Crisp pork belly with green apple salad on sourdough bread 
Pork Belly Sandwich 

The first thing I noticed is that the picture in the menu looks bigger than the actual serving size. Nonetheless, this Pork Belly Sandwich is filling and satisfying. Love the pork belly and the crunchy parts made even more exciting by the green apple sweet sour zest! I suggest to eat it while freshly served as the bread tends to be tough over time.
Jaeger Schnitzel (Php 350)Reisfleisch (Php 295)

Pan Seared Chicken Breast (350Php)
Stuffed with bacon and onions, served with German flat noodles and mushroom sauce 
Pan Seared Chicken Breast 

Love the simplicity, creaminess, and natural flavors in this Pan Seared Chicken Breast. The mushroom sauce tends to be peppery which is a good complement to the white chicken meat.
pommes onion rings 

Chef's Dessert - Schokokuchen (190Php)
Warm chocolate cake served with stracciatella ice cream 
Warm Chocolate Cake 

This Warm Chocolate Cake's regular price is Php 270 but can be enjoyed for just Php 190 during the Lunch Specials period. I really enjoyed this chocolate cake with its soft texture, not-too-rich flavor, yet perfectly moist core. Its pairing with the stracciatella ice cream is divine, add to that the almond slices.

So we had the Kinder Menu and the New Lunch Specials. But the experience won't be complete without the all-time favorite Brotzeit Platter!

Brotzeit Platter (2,500Php - good for 4-5 pax)
Crispy oven roasted pork knuckle, best of the sausages, pork or chicken schnitzels, and two side dishes of choice 
Brotzeit Platter 

Brotzeit Platter is a huge plate filled with sumptuous meat and sides. For me, it has the best of what they offer that I no longer ask for anything else. The sausages are really awesome! These defined what German sausages are from all other similar kinds. It's a mix of different variants so there's smoky, spicy, etc. The roasted pork knuckle is indeed crispy and flavorful. But what my son enjoyed is the schnitzel as it is thin, light, yet good.
Brotzeit Platter Sparkling Apple Juice (Php 150) 

I've been sober for I don't know how many years now that the sight of Paulaner doesn't appeal me at all. So I went for this Sparkling Apple Juice which I think goes well with the Bavarian dishes.
Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work! 

Brotzeit continuous to engage young people that they'll be conducting Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work! There'll be different workshops every Saturday of May 2017, such as Fladen Making, Cookie Baking, Sausage Making, and more. Each session costs Php 1,500 per kid and is open to children 5 years old and above. The Kinder Koche gets to take home his/her finished product, an ice cream, and a certificate. This is truly a fun and exciting activity this summer as the kids learn to create their own Brotzeit dishes.
Both mommy and baby had fun! 

Level 1, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Brotzeit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.

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