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Namoo House: Prime Striploin, Marinated Boneless Short Ribs, and more!

Namoo House Premium Korean BBQ

A piece of Korea has landed in the Philippines. Known as Maple Tree House in Korea, this premium Korean barbecue restaurant opened its first international branch last August 01 in Uptown Parade, BGC. Here in the country, they made use of the name Namoo House ("namoo" meaning tree) so as not to be associated with the existing "maple" restaurant.
soju bottles

I was mesmerized by the interior. I've been in South Korea but didn't get the chance to dine at Maple Tree House. Those who have been in any of their four South Korea branches will surely be amazed on the resemblance of the interior, like you are in Korea again. The iconic sake bottles, the imported tree trunks, the exhaust pipes, and the wall texture and decorations -- they are all similar as the same designer setup this place in Taguig. Jun Park and Paul Hong, both Canadian nationals but with Korean roots, ensured that all branches, especially their fifth branch and first internal branch in the Philippines, will have the same feel, food quality, and service.
called Maple Tree House in Korea...Namoo House in the Philippines

More than the ambiance, I was delighted to see the array of meat and Korean dishes we're going to have for that lunch.
Prime cut meat

Side dishes include marinated garlic cloves, marinated king oyster mushrooms, seasoned spinach, kimchi, lettuce set, black sesame salad, and sliced garlic and ssamjang. Their rice is a mix of black and white rice for a healthier twist to the usual white rice.
Side DishesKorean plain rice (80Php)

Non-alcoholic can go with their House Blend Iced Tea. While for those needing some spike, a bottle of Soju is a must. One thing I've learned from one of the founders, Jun Park, is that in Korea, they have this drinking culture wherein you should never pour Soju for yourself. It should always be for someone else. This reminds me of the Koreanovelas I've watched before.
House Blend Iced Tea (100Php)Soju (230Php)

And so the grilling begun. Guests can opt to do the grilling on their own, or for best results, just let the staff do it as I think there is a recommended number of flips depending on the meat. They use charcoal in grilling and I believe that gives a smoky hint on the meat. They also change the grill often: depending on the meat to cook, or when there are already burnt bits on the grill. That's how important for them to maintain the quality of their food.

Aged USDA Prime Striploin (150grams - 795Php)
Well-marbled prime striploin aged just right to maximize flavor and tenderness
Aged USDA Prime Striploin

Aged USDA Prime Striploin is unmarinated yet good on its own, say straight from the grill, with no sauce or anything. Just enjoy its pure meat quality. Though Jun Park also suggested to dip in a very simple sauce, salt with sesame oil, which is also common in Korean culture. And it worked in enhancing the flavor.
Aged USDA Prime Striploin rawKurobota Pork Belly raw

Kurobota Pork Belly (150grams - 595Php)
Imported directly from Japan, this black pork is regarded as one of the highest quality pork there is!
Kurobota Pork Belly

I am a Japanese cuisine fan and so when I hear the word "Kurobota", I instantly know it's a high quality pork. So with Kurobota Pork Belly, I expect nothing less. And guess what, they meet my expectations: so tender, juicy, and oozing with its own flavor.

Marinated Boneless Short Ribs (150grams - 750Php)
Unbelievably delicious boneless short ribs further tenderized in our house fruit marinate
Marinated Boneless Short Ribs

We, Filipinos, love some sweetness in our food and so I guess this Marinated Boneless Short Ribs would be the common favorite. The pineapple not only helped in giving the flavor but also in tenderizing the meat. The result is a savory and tender meat. This is my favorite and so I recommend it!
Marinated Boneless Short Ribs rawStone Bowl Bibimbap

Stone Bowl Bibimbap (395Php)
Assorted vegetables and rice heated in a traditional stone bowl to add a crispy effect to a classic Korean meal
Stone Bowl Bibimbap

It is the stone bowl that gives the edge in Stone Bowl Bibimbap as it allows that slight crisp and texture on the rice. Black and white rice is also used here. What I like is they offer two sauces for the bibimbap. I know Koreans would typically want them hot and I had an experience before wherein the bibimbap was too spicy and I can hardly eat it. But here, since they have the sauce separate, you get to have control on the spiciness level.

Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup (475Php)
Large beef back ribs boiled for hours upon hours gives this classic soup real depth and character
Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup

This Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup is something I love as well! This is not spicy at all and in fact, it is something good to take to wash off some spiciness on your palate. The beef rib was hard boiled continuously for 3hours resulting to fall-off-the-bone meat tenderness. The soup is delicious and very beefy natural. This dish comes with a sauce where you can dip the meat, which will then give a slightly tangy twist.
Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup

Bean Paste Stew (small - 195Php, large - 350Php)
Fermented beans stewed with an assortment of vegetables gives a great compliment to a healthy BBQ meal
Bean Paste Stew

I would say Bean Paste Stew has that typical Korean flavor so expect it to be spicy. But for me, it is not over-the-edge spiciness as the flavor is still there. The kind that you take a sip, the spiciness gets almost on to your limit, you recovered, and then you want another spoonful.
Aged USDA Prime Rib Eye (150grams - 950Php)Woo Samgyup (150grams - 495Php)

Other meat best sellers are Aged USDA Prime Rib Eye and Woo Samgyup. Enjoy them on their own, dip on a sauce, have it with rice, wrap it, or combine with other side dishes. There are numerous ways to enjoy them. But after that tummy-filling and fulfilling lunch, we were given complimentary Plum Juice. It's sweet and refreshing and a different kind of "dessert". And what's good about this is it helps in digestion.
wrap it!Plum Juice

From a small quaint house in Samcheong that was opened in 2005, Maple Tree House or Namoo House has established itself as a premium Korean barbecue restaurant. And now, with its fifth branch in our country, for sure it will be a go-to place for foodies and K-fans.
Maple Tree House branches

It was a pleasure to dine at Namoo House on its first few days and experience what premium Korean barbecue is really about. It's not also everyday that you get to meet one of the founders, Jun Park, who made us feel at home and was really entertaining each one of us. This gave a vibe of what they wanted to achieve in their restaurant: be casual, have fun, while enjoying high quality Korean barbecue and food.
with Jun Park, one of the founders of Maple Tree House

Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue
Uptown Parade, 38th Street corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+632 946 3733 / +63917 527 3898

Namoo House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.

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