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FlatIron 1771: Steak, Brisket 6, Intense Brownie Burger, and more!

FlatIron 1771 

When I hear the word "griddle", I think of burger stands, especially those with buy 1-take 1. But after dining at FlatIron 1771 in Uptown Place Mall, this perspective changed... big time!

The name of the restaurant itself, FlatIron, is another term for cast iron griddle -- a heavy yet lifetime cookware essential in cooking most (if not all) the dishes in their menu. It is also a name of an iconic building in New York which the Executive Chef, Vicky Pacheco, drew inspiration from in the will to put a New York atmosphere in the restaurant's food and ambiance.
clean and neatambiance

The restaurant provides a modern, clean, and pleasant ambiance with its white walls and red-black-white motif. It sets the mood on what to expect from their food: elegant presentation and classy taste.
House Specials

Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale (250ml - 230Php)
Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale

While waiting for the food, I was asked if I prefer red or white wine. I was never a wine drinker and so they offered Ginger Ale. It's a carbonated drink with very evident ginger taste.

Manhattan Seafood Chowder (290Php)
A tomato-based chowder with fresh fish chunks, clams, and bacon
Manhattan Seafood Chowder

This Manhattan Seafood Chowder is definitely loaded with shrimp, fish chunks, and clams. It was only in the description that I learned there's bacon in it, but it's good! It can be filling, though, for an appetizer.
Manhattan Seafood ChowderPomelo Orzo Salad

Pomelo Orzo Salad (300Php)
Lettuce, orzo pasta, pomelo, crumbled parmesan cheese, fried spinach, grilled lemon vinaigrette
Pomelo Orzo Salad

My initial reaction was, "Why is there rice in salad?". Gee, later that I learned that those are orzo pasta that can really be added in salad. They're way lighter compared to rice and other common pasta. Pomelo Orzo Salad is refreshing with its pomelo, cherry tomatoes, and grilled lemon components. The parmesan cheese provides texture and complementing salty taste. The fried spinach is kinda opposing, but this salad is good and gave a different take on salad.

GAB Pizza (450Php)
A tomato-based pizza topped with garlic, anchovy, and shredded brisket flakes!
GAB Pizza

GAB Pizza, or garlic, anchovy, and brisket, which are the main toppings of this pizza. I would say that there is really a balanced flavor in terms of the main ingredients making it hard to distinguish a particular taste. This pizza can be a good accompaniment of a very savored dish.
GAB PizzaPizzaioli Pasta

Pizzaioli Pasta (395Php)
Bowtie pasta, napolitaine sauce, bell peppers, salami and bacon covered with cheese and gratinated
Pizzaioli Pasta

Pizzaioli Pasta is very delectable to the eyes with its red sauce, bacon and salami, bell peppers, and, of course, the generous cheese! The ingredients are the same as a usual pizza, but instead of dough, it makes use of pasta, making it a Pizzaioli Pasta. With its huge serving size, this is perfect for sharing.

FlatIron Brisket 6 (850Php)
Fork-tender U.S. beef brisket slow cooked for 6 hours in aromatics then seared on the griddle to order; served with sauteed brown and red rice, and fresh cucumber-carrot slaw
FlatIron Brisket 6

FlatIron Brisket 6 is the restaurant's specialty. Imagine six hours of cooking, then seared on a griddle, and we're talking about U.S. beef brisket which has finer grains and is naturally more flavorful. The result is an oh-so-tender and savory meat, no need for a knife at all! And to lessen your guilt while eating this, they served it with brown and red rice for a healthier option.
FlatIron Brisket 6FlatIron Steak

FlatIron Steak (1,250Php)
300-gram steak cut from beef top blade quickly cooked on the griddle with herb butter; cherry tomato-Worcestershire-balsamic sauce; green pea mashed potato; frech fries
FlatIron Steak

Now comes one of my favorite dishes, the FlatIron Steak. The steak on its own is good and tender. But when I had it with green pea mashed potato and the sauce, it's superb! I wasn't sure at first what was in the sauce with its pungent wasabi/horseradish-like feeling in your throat, but it is really what made this dish stand out.

Miso-glazed Salmon (575Php)
Broiled salmon with Japanese miso glaze, sauteed bokchoy and buttered rice
Miso-glazed Salmon

Talk about favorites and we have Miso-glazed Salmon. I like salmon, in general, but this dish made me crave for one. The glaze is perfect with its a-bit-of-sweet-spicy relish. I love this the most out of all the entrees served.
Miso-glazed SalmonFlatIron Burger

FlatIron Burger (525Php)
U.S. beef chuck burger flavored with herb butter; in potato bun, grilled tomato and onion, dill pickle and fries
FlatIron Burger

The FlatIron Burger is humongous! Just look at that very thick and juicy patty made of U.S. beef chuck, mushroom, and salmon. Add to that the burger buns made with mashed potatoes. This should be good for a very hungry one, but we had this for sharing.

Intense Brownie Burger (560Php)
Coffee ice cream sandwiched between 2 Swiss chocolate fudge brownies on cream cheese sauce, slathered with chocolate mocha sauce and toffee sauce, and spiked with cashew brittle shards. Must come with 3 to 4 teaspoons!!
Intense Brownie Burger top

"Intense" is really the right adjective to describe this dessert. Have a spoonful of Intense Brownie Burger and experience its 100% Swiss chocolate brownies. Then, as it slowly melts in your mouth, you get coffee/mocha taste, or a spike of toffee/caramel, plus some salty cream cheese flavor. This dessert takes you somewhere with every bite!
Intense Brownie Burger

The concept, design, and food behind FlatIron 1771 are all Filipinos. Main dishes are in the Php350 to Php1,600 price range but these are meant for sharing, which is common with Filipinos. Expect the food to be served fast and hot as this is the advantage of using griddle in their cooking. They also have an area for preparing lunch-to-go meals so that employees working in the offices nearby can order, pick-up, and enjoy hot meals.

FlatIron 1771
Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 802 5458 / +632 802 5461

Flatiron Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.

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