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Nadai Fujisoba: Teisyoku Set, Ebiten Soba, and Potato Croquette

Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba has been my default go-to restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. I've dined in this resto several times, way more than I've visited any other food place in Bonifacio High Street or Serendra. I've brought two of my close friends here (separate occasions), though most of the time, I eat here alone. For one, it serves Japanese cuisine, which is my favorite. They are also fairly priced compared to the nearby restaurants. The place is near the gym where I go to. So after a very exhausting workout or class, Nadai Fujisoba is where I replenish my energy.

Outside, they have a very appetizing 3D display of their dishes. They are true to their size so the serving size you see on the display is similar to what you'll get. Inside, the walls are filled with huge black and white Japanese writings and drawings. I like their menu as each of the dish has a picture. So even though you cannot understand what the names of the dishes are (a description will be helpful, too), at least you can visualize it.

I can only think of two things that I don't like much about this restaurant: space and schedule. The place is quite small, only around 14 tables inside. So during dining peak hours, the tendency is for you to be wait-listed. Oh, and talking about schedule, they are closed from 2:30PM to 5:30PM. Several times I wanted to dine here in the afternoon but they are already closed.

my usual order

Teisyoku Set: Buta Bara Kimuchidon (small) and Kake Soba (250Php)
Choose from any of the Donburi Rice Bowls (Currydon, Gyudon, or Buta Bara Kimuchidon) and pair it with any choice of Kake Soba/Udon or Mori Soba/Udon
Teisyoku Set - Buta Bara Kimuchidon + Kake Soba

I usually order Buta Bara Kimuchidon + Kake Soba Set for "carbo loading", though they can be ordered separately.

Buta Bara Kimuchidon (regular - 190Php, small - 100Php)
Buta Bara Kimuchidon (small)

I haven't really tried the Gyudon or Currydon option, but Buta Bara Kimuchidon is what appeals me the most. And since I ordered this, I've  never opted to try the other choices (maybe next time). It may appear spicy due to the kimchi, but no, it's not. If there's spice, it's very mild. I like the thin slices of pork and the sweet sauce. It's that good that when I start eating it, I just keep wanting another bite -- even if I've just finished a full size Kake Soba.

Kake Soba (180Php)
Kake Soba

Kake Soba/Udon is the basic noodles, broth, and greens. I prefer the thinner noodles (Soba), though I haven't really tried the Udon. Serving size is, no doubt, enough, or even plenty, for one person. The soup is savory good. The noodles are not bland. I can actually enjoy this plain as it is. Or if I want some kick, I put chili powder on it.

Potato Croquette (150Php)
Potato Croquette

I always have Potato Croquette as add-on even though I know I can't finish the 3 huge chunks. But since my son loves it, I just eat one and have the other two for take out. I just love the mushy potato with ground pork all covered in panko and dipped in tonkatsu sauce.

Ebiten Soba (280Php)
Ebiten Soba

If I'm not in a "carbo loading" mode, Ebiten Soba or Ebiten Mori Soba is my next thing as I also like tempura and their shrimps are huge enough.

For my drink, I'm already good with their Cold House Tea, plus it's unlimited.

I find it funny that I've been dining in Nadai Fujisoba several times yet it's only now that I get to talk about it. I think the staff are already familiar with me. Anyway, I'll still be dining here, and maybe, I'll try to go out of my comfort zone and try the other dishes in their menu.

Nadai Fujisoba
Building 7, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 8303333

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for my own meal.