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Galli Village Cafe: Paella Valenciana, Pork with Raisin Sauce, and more!

Galli Village Cafe

Galli Village Cafe is a place for home-cooked meals and a cozy warm ambiance. Located just in front of the Shrine of Sacred Heart Church in Makati, Galli has been the usual dining place of the church-goers. The location and ambiance, being away from the usual city image of Makati, provide a peaceful atmosphere for those who would want to conduct small meetings, or just a time alone.

The place is quite small, can accommodate around 20pax in the dining area and another 20pax in the al-fresco, but this is a convenient location for baptismal reception especially that they also offer event catering with packages at a range of 190Php-450Php per person, minimum of 12 guests.

Galli Village Cafe ambiance

Paella Valenciana (Good for 2-3 - 295Php; Good for 4-5 - 545Php)
Galli Village Cafe Paella Valenciana

Paella Valenciana is Galli Village Cafe's specialty and has always been the customers' favorite. As this is made to order, and that they don't do "short cuts" in cooking this dish, customers mostly prefer to pre-order it, say before going to the church.

Pork with Raisin Sauce (180Php)
Galli Village Cafe Pork with Raisin Sauce

Pork with Raisin Sauce is something that I have tried for the first time yet I liked it instantly. Maybe I have an inclination to dishes on the sweet side as this has a similarity to Pork Hamonado in flavor.

Shrimp Gambas (210Php)
Galli Village Cafe Shrinp Gambas

Shrimp Gambas isn't that spicy but enough to provide that ooomph! This has also been listed as one of their must-try dishes.

Tuna Salpicao (210Php)
Galli Village Cafe Tuna Salpicao

Tuna Salpicao is another first-time-to-try for me. At first bite, I ain't sure what to expect or how to relate tuna to a salpicao. But as the tuna flavor slowly emerges, I realized, "wow, this is good!".

Beef Salpicao (210Php)
Galli Village Cafe Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao is the more familiar version for me, but Galli's way made it different. Tender meat and flavorful!

Angus Beef Tapa (190Php)
Galli Village Cafe Angus Beef Tapa

Just the term "Angus" in Angus Beef Tapa already made me want to try it. One of Galli's best sellers and a perfect way to start breakfast.

Lengua Con Setas (180Php)
Galli Village Cafe Lengua Con Setas

Ox tongue is not in my line of preference. But when they ordered Lengua Con Setas, I thought "okay, just a small piece to try it out", and boom! it was soooo good! Very tender and the flavors are also amazing. Of all the dishes presented above, I find this the best!

Sparkling Lemonade/Four Seasons (45Php)
Galli Village Cafe Sparkling LemonadeGalli Village Cafe Four Seasons

For the drinks, I had Sparkling Lemonade which is just like lemon soda, while Allen had Four Seasons.

Leche Flan (35Php)
Galli Village Cafe Leche Flan

For dessert, we had Leche Flan. Though this is not as smooth as I wanted a leche flan to be (that means no egg white), I find it good and okay for its price.

Overall, dinner at Galli Village Cafe was a satisfying one. It was great to try new flavors for my palate, and even be surprised in a good way by some of the dishes. Thank you to Ms. Linda for entertaining our questions and serving us good food. Thanks to Aldous for inviting us!

Galli Cafe Village
Ground Floor of YMCA Hotel, Sacred Heart Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
+63932 971 7250
Open Daily 7:00AM to 8:30PM

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