Krazy Garlik: New Branch in Greenhills and New Dishes -- Kraaazy Grubs!

Krazy Garlik

A big HOOORAYY to Krazy Garlik's newest branch at 2nd Level, New Wing, Promenade, Greenhills! This is their fourth branch after Greenbelt 5, Resorts World, and Alabang Town Center. Very strategic locations.

Unlike the other branches, this new home in Greenhills has a bit more sophisticated ambiance yet still captures a playful "Alice in Garlic Land" idea. Lively colors of red, yellow, and blue, highlighted with the "garlic" ceiling lights which I really love!

Krazy Garlik ambiance

Time to eat! I've been to a few Bistro Group restaurants, but so far, Krazy Garlik is my favorite. They don't really have a specific country cuisine but it's more of a fusion of Asian flavors with garlic as the key ingredient.

Popping Bobba/Jelly Drinks (Half Liter Mug - 195Php; By the Glass - 140Php)
Krazy Garlik - Honey Dew Half Liter MugKrazy Garlik - Honey Dew Popping Bobba

After enduring a heavy traffic going to Greenhills, the first thing I had in mind was that: "I want a refreshing drink!". The Half Liter Honey Dew with Popping Bobba did not disappoint me. It even became my instant favorite drink at Krazy Garlik. It may have been the simplest fruity drink among the Drink Me line up, but the lychee-like popping bobba that bursts in your mouth gives the thrill.

For milk tea lovers, Thai Tea is recommended. Despite the creamy-chilly texture, even made more interesting by the jelly and popping bobba, the tea kick was never compromised.

Krazy Garlik - Thai Tea Half Liter MugKrazy Garlik - Thai Tea Jelly and Popping Bobba

Spinach and Cream (260Php)
Deep-fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese. Served with salsa and kimchi
Krazy Garlik - Spinach and Cream

This Spinach and Cream appetizer was addicting. The first time I've tried this with a group of friends, it was an easy decision to order another set as we just can't get enough. Spinach and cream dipped in salsa -- very simple and I don't even know where the garlic is for this dish. But I just know that this will be a main stay in my order list whenever I dine at Krazy Garlik.

Stuffed Pechay (295Php)
Pechay leaves stuffed with ground pork and smoked fish simmered in our coco chili cream sauce
Krazy Garlik - Stuffed Pechay

It may appear to be really spicy, but hold your horses 'cause it's not. I barely felt the chili as its ingredient. Probably the coconut cream sauce overpowered it? Actually, I even find it a good thing as my stomach condition can no longer bare spicy food. So for me, this Stuffed Pechay is a thumbs up!

Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad (To Share - 545Php; Regular - 325Php)
A refreshing Asian salad mix! Cucumber, bell peppers, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing. Topped with fried wanton and peanut sauce
Krazy Garlik - Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad

The Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad is an all-time favorite among the customers. Even I, who isn't really a fan of salad, really enjoy this. Was it the shredded leaves? the chicken strips? the dressing and peanut sauce? What I can say is that the combination of all the ingredients is perfect!

Garlik Snowflakes (515Php)
House special with creamy base topped with shrimps, pineapple and garlic flakes
Krazy Garlik - Garlik Snowflakes

When you think about garlic and pizza, this is the best thing that you can get -- Garlik Snowflakes. Thin crust, creamy-cheesy base, and oozing with flavor.

Hara-Kiri (To Share - 395Php; Regular - 265Php)
Spicy fried rice with chilies, chopped shrimps, sliced squid and lean bacon
Krazy Garlik - Hara-Kiri

Talk about spicy and I mean really spicy option for flavored rice. Hara-Kiri is loaded with interesting spices that would tickle your taste buds. It was quite challenging for me to eat this as it might trigger my acid reflux that I ended up ordering a plain rice.

40 Kloves Chicken (Whole - 795Php; Half - 415Php)
Chicken marinated in 40 garlic cloves. Served on a bed of our original garlic cream sauce
Krazy Garlik - 40 Kloves Chicken

40 Kloves Chicken is one of Krazy Garlik's Signature Dish. Once you've tasted it, you'll know why. What I love about Krazy Garlik is their flavorful and full of spice dishes. I love how the flavors linger in my palate. This dish encaptures that description. Add to that the crispy chicken skin and a matching gravy/sauce.

Garlicky Crispy Pata (745Php)
Deep-fried, crispy pork hock topped with garlic bits
Krazy Garlik - Garlicky Crispy Pata

Garlicky Crispy Pata is another house specialty and customer favorite! Crispy, savory, and I love how the sauce enhances the dish.

Tuna Belly (425Php)
Fresh hot-off-the-grill prime tuna belly topped with sauteed green chilies and garlic
Krazy Garlik - Tuna Belly

Tuna Belly has simple yet defined flavor. What you'll be able to taste is a fresh grilled tuna, in its natural tuna goodness. Might be a bit greasy though.

Sweet 16 Chicken (465Php)
Morsels of chicken, fresh pineapple chunks and capsicum in sweet and tangy sauce topped with crispy noodles
Krazy Garlik - Sweet 16 Chicken

Sweet 16 Chicken is Krazy Garlik's version of chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce. The number 16 here isn't really significant, nor it represents the number of ingredients or spices. It's just "Sweet 16".

Crepe Dynamite (395Php)
Sliced ripe mango, peach and banana wrapped  in our homemade crepe, layered with Nutella. Topped with roasted candied garlic and roasted pecan. Served with mango ice cream
Krazy Garlik - Crepe Dynamite Ice Cream

Garlic in a dessert is something I ain't sure if I can welcome. But Krazy Garlik definitely has a way to incorporate garlik in every dish, even in dessert. This Crepe Dynamite is a perfect example. The mango ice cream was creamy and delicious, while the rolled crepe with Nutella, nuts, and fruits was amazing. Still, it's the candied garlic that gave the bang and thrill in this sweet goodness.

Krazy Garlik - Crepe Dynamite

Krazy Garlik keeps on expanding their selections and has now come up with Kraaazy Grubs. It's a twist to the usual Mexican favorites like burritos, nachos, and tacos.

Amazing Sisig Burritos (275Php)
Soft flour tortilla filled with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and salsa with garlic rice
Krazy Garlik - Amazing Sisig Burritos

Amazing Sisig Burritos can be shared by two as each slice is heavily stuffed with rice. To describe it, it's like rice topped with sisig, some lettuce and tomatoes, then rolled into a burrito.

Krazy Braised Beef Tortilla Crusted Tacos (395Php)
Crusted in our tortilla blend and drizzled with chipotle sauce in a soft taco shell. Served with garlic rice, aioli and salsa
Krazy Garlik - Krazy Braised Beef Tortilla Crusted Tacos

Krazy Braised Beef Tortilla Crusted Tacos is another heavy-for-one meal. More than the actual braised beef tacos, what I really loved was the garlic rice.

Krazy Garlic Nachos (595Php)
Crunchy nacho chips layered with succulent beef asado, cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and jalapenos
Krazy Garlik - Krazy Garlik Nachos

Last but not the least is Krazy Garlic Nachos. This is good to be shared by 4-5 people, or even more if you're just having it as an appetizer. Though it has almost the same ingredients as a typical Mexican nachos, I still find that it lacks that "Mexican" oomp! But maybe this is Krazy Garlik's take on nachos. The beef and cheese sauce were good, though the nachos may tend to be oily.

Whew! for a garlicky treat. Would definitely come back to my favorite Bistro Group restaurant.. so far!

Krazy Garlik
2nd Level New Wing Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan

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