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PhilHealth: Member Data Record (MDR) Update

My PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR) that I requested from our HR shows "Male" as my gender! I requested for my MDR as I had to go through endoscopy and will make use of my PhilHealth. Though this incorrect information didn't affect the procedure or the processing, I'd still want to have my information updated. Good thing, it isn't that hard to do.


  • Filled up PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)
  • Birth Certificate, IDs, or proof related to the information you wanted to be amended
    • For my case, I brought my Birth Certificate and a photocopy of it
    • I highly recommend to call 441-7444 to inquire about the specific requirements that you would need

Branch: PhilHealth Express, Lingkod Pinoy Center Level 1 West lane, Robinsons Galleria
Time In: 11: 20 AM (There was only one person doing everything, and I think I was the 20th in the line. Time was consumed by falling in line.)
Time Out: 12:30 PM

  1. If you already have the filled up PMRF, good! If not, go directly to the person encoding and request for the form and fill it up
  2. Fall in line and wait for your turn. This can be tiring if the line is way too long. They don't have queue numbers. 
  3. When it's your turn, inform the personnel of your intent and just present the filled up PMRF and the photocopy of your other requirements (Birth Certificate, IDs, etc). 
  4. You will be given a claim stub for the updated MDR.