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BUFFET: Primero Casa Filipino

Primero Casa Filipino

Monday to Thursday : 398Php nett
Friday to Sunday : 498Php nett
Drinks not included


About Primero Casa Filipino: 
Formerly known as Chef Laudico Casa Filipino, this classy ancestral house-turned-into-restaurant has been re-branded as Primero Casa Filipino, now under a new management. 

Primero Casa Filipino ambiance

A visit to this place is as good as having a look back at our Filipino heritage. I am particularly in love with the ambiance filled with cultural details, from the facade to the interior and decoration pieces. The place is spacious yet provides a feeling of home. There are stations for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts strategically placed for the customers' convenience. The casa also has a function room at the second floor that can accommodate up to a hundred people, good for events or private occasions.

Primero Casa Filipino - Hawaiian Coleslaw
Primero Casa Filipino - Pinoy SaladPrimero Casa Filipino - Appetizer sauce

The Experience: 
A fine Filipino ambiance and setup won't be complete without the equally elegantly presented dishes. Indeed, Primero Casa Filipino serves Filipino cuisines, but they are not your usual, ordinary Pinoy food. It's a fusion. It's with a twist. Their menu (which changes regularly) is filled with newly-encountered dishes (at least for me). Or if there are "common" food, it is still with a plus in different aspects.

Primero Casa Filipino - Steamed Tofu Cake

This Steamed Tofu Cake is new to my palate. I am not sure what is sandwiched between two tofu cubes but this bite-size goodness has the sourness of tofu countered by the sweetness of Teriyaki sauce as a dip.

Primero Casa Filipino - Mustasa Wrap

Mustasa Wrap is sauteed meat wrapped in mustasa (mustard greens). I am not a veggie fan but this appetizer is interesting especially when dipped in honey mustard (mustard greens in mustard sauce!). I was able to taste the meat yet the veggie-ness in not lost.

Primero Casa Filipino - Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce

Primero Casa Filipino's version of Baked Oyster is different from what I have tried so far. It isn't the cheesy type (which I usually look for) mainly because they use Bechamel Sauce. Yet this sauce is smooth and a bit creamy and matches perfectly with oyster that it covered the sea-taste. 

Primero Casa Filipino more dishes!

What I have presented were just some of the appetizers. Main dishes, here we go!

Primero Casa Filipino - Crispy Pork Lechon Belly

Called Zubuchon but since it has the same name as a lechon restaurant in Cebu which this dish is not related to, we will just be calling this Crispy Pork Lechon Belly. True to its name, its crispiness was not only felt by my teeth, but can also be heard through crackling sound. The meat was soft so the fun is not all about the skin.

Primero Casa Filipino - Roasted Angus Beef

Roasted Angus Beef could be the best roast beef I've tried so far. Though I like the taste of beef, I usually prefer fish or chicken when ordering meals, or if I have to order beef, it would be in the form of burger steak as beef usually has the tendency to be tough and chewy. But this Angus Beef made me forget all about those worries and just enjoy beef at it's finest with its very soft and flavorful meat

Primero Casa Filipino - Seafood Kare-kare

This is my first encounter with Seafood Kare-kare. At first I thought the taste will be varied as it has seafood, but no. It still has the usual kare-kare taste, nothing's very different, but I still enjoyed it with bagoong.

Primero Casa Filipino - Chili Garlic Crabs

Huge Chili Garlic Crabs really caught my attention. I had to use a separate plate as its single claw already occupied the whole space. Better eaten using hands, the crab is covered in spicy a-bit-sweet sauce which is finger-licking. 

After a few plates for the main dishes, time for dessert!

Primero Casa Filipino - Palitaw with Latik

I didn't recognize at first look that this is palitaw. The usual palitaw that I know of is white, covered in grated coconut, and may be topped with sugar and sesame seeds. For Palitaw with Latik, the palitaw batter is covered with latik (cooked coconut milk residue) so that captures the coconut sweet taste - only better. There are also rice crispies that add texture to the soft sticky palitaw.

Primero Casa Filipino - Special Buchi

Special Buchi still has the essence of our commonly known buchi except that it is not coated in sesame seeds. It also has a special sauce or syrup which gives an added sweet flavor to this dessert. I like this better than ordinary buchi.

Primero Casa Filipino - Halo-halo Shooters

Halo-halo Shooter is a dessert in a shot glass yet very Filipino. Imagine a miniature halo-halo without compromising the ingredients and taste. I loved the milk combined with crushed ice and ingredients. Having it in a shot glass just made me want for more.

More on my plates! My top picks would be Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce for appetizer, Roasted Angus Beef for the main dish, and Halo-halo Shooters for dessert. 

Primero Casa Filipino - appetizer platePrimero Casa Filipino - some rice and pasta

Primero Casa Filipino - Kare-kare with BagoongPrimero Casa Filipino - crispy pork skin!

Primero Casa Filipino - huge crab!Primero Casa Filipino - dessert plate

Primero Casa Filipino may not have a very wide selection compared to the other buffets I've been to, but each course has its own uniqueness and flavor, yet retains the Filipino essence. Even after trying almost all of the dishes, I didn't get the feeling that all have the same taste. The entrees that they offer are not the usual dishes that you can find in buffets. Reasonable price, I must say. If not for Kim Marcelo who invited us, I wouldn't have known of this great discovery. So thanks a lot for this experience!

Primero Casa Filipino
26 Sct. Torillo cor. Sct. Fernandez, Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103 Quezon City
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
+632 9212448; +632 9211850; +63917 8512272