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Zuzuni: Moussaka, Greek Pita Pizza, and Mati Chocolate Sin

Zuzuni Boracay

Time to spend some money for a dinner and we were brought by our feet to Zuzuni while strolling on the beach. Zuzuni is located at Station 1 beachfront and offers Mediterranean cuisine. Red walls accented with huge mirrors of different designs, candle-light, pillows and comfy seats, Zuzuni provides a cozy and quieter option over the energetic nightlife of bars and clubs in Boracay. 

We were seated at a corner table near the window where we can view the beach, the people passing by, and the night. I find it a good spot with its couch-like seat and romantic ambiance, except for its poor ventilation. We were dependent on the air coming from the door and windows. 

Zuzuni ambiance

Moussaka (380Php)
Baked layers of eggplant with ground beef, ground pork, and bechamel
Zuzuni Moussaka top

I am not a veggie lover and not even fond of eating eggplant. But this moussaka gave me a very similar feeling to eating a lasagna, which is something I love! It was meaty that I didn't really notice a hint of eggplant. It wasn't dry at all, it was really good, and it can serve 2-3 persons. This is recommended for an authentic Greek experience.

Zuzuni Moussaka

Greek Pita Pizza (275Php)
Oven-baked home-made Greek pita bread with feta and olives
Zuzuni Greek Pita Pizza top

I'm not sure why chose this over the other available pizzas, but I guess it's because it has the "Greek" label on it and we wanted to complete that Greek mood. 

Ordering their pizza isn't really a bad choice as the pizza had a thick crunchy crust and the sauce was okay. However, there's something about the feta and olives that gave a very strong taste making it hard for us to finish it. The tangy salty-sour flavor even became more defined after eating some moussaka and then trying the pizza again. I wasn't sure if it was really supposed to taste that way, or if I'm just not used to a Greek-style pizza.

Zuzuni Greek Pita Pizza

Mati Chocolate Sin (250Php)
Warm flourless Valrhona chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream
Zuzuni Mati Chocolate Sin top

I wasn't really after the dessert when we went to Zuzuni, though this dessert was mentioned to us while we were still checking out the menu. For a price of 250Php for a dessert, we were praying that this should be good!

Zuzuni Mati Chocolate Sin

Our prayers were granted. Man, this is heaven! It was a perfect hot-and-cold combination. The warm chocolate cake was like a cookie with a crispy outer layer and soft filling inside. Oozing on its sides was the sweet chocolate lava, not the bittery type. Paired with it is a scoop of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream

Individually, they were sinfully great. Having them combined...ohh, it's the I-can't-find-the-exact-words feeling to describe how awesome it is. But all I know is that this is a perfect choice to end our dinner. 

Zuzuni Mati Chocolate Sin :)

Dining at Zuzuni might be a little over our budget. But with the overall enjoyment and experience we had, it was worth the money. Our dessert, our finale, was the best thing!

Zuzuni Boracay
Station 1 Boracay, Aklan
+63908 862-0031, +63908 893-9841, +6336 288 4477

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  1. Thank you, happy you liked our food. Sharing on our facebook page, thanks again


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