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REVIEW: Power Smash: P349 Good for 4 Persons 1-Day Unlimited Badminton (P2000 Value) from Ensogo!

Around 3 to 4 years ago, I have initiated non-work activities to my officemates so we can have fun on weekends at least once a month. One of the activities was playing badminton. We used to play at Metro Badminton in Mandaluyong but I was surprised that it is no longer existing. Through Ensogo's deal, we have revived those moments and ended up at Power Smash in Makati. We bought 3 good-for-4 vouchers at 349Php each, so that's a total of 12 players, and supposedly, 1-day of unlimited fun. 

Reservation was a headache. I had the vouchers since October and our target date was November 17. Since we were to avail 3 vouchers, I wanted to make the reservation early to ensure that we would get the needed slots. But when I called, I was not allowed to reserve due to this clause in the deal: "Merchant suggests voucher holders to make reservations 3 days prior to redemption". And I thought it was a suggestion. I simply obliged and asked if November 17 is still available. The attendant said yes, and so I patiently waited until November 14. November 14 came and I called at 6AM to ensure that I'd be the first to reserve our target date. But whoa, I was asked to call again after 15minutes since the one who was in charge of the reservation hasn't arrived yet. After 15mins, I called again and got hold of that person. To my disappointment, I was informed that November 17 is not available since they'll have a tournament. She suggested November 25 (Sunday) and December 01 (Saturday) instead. I opted for December 01. Due to the inconvenience, she allowed me to reserve on that day (not to wait 3 days before December 01) though was telling me that only 1 court might be given to us since they do not allow availing 3 vouchers in 1 day. I did not agree as how come 12 players would just be playing in 1 court, and the rule on less than 3 vouchers a day is not stated in the deal. I settled for having at least 2 courts. 

December 01 is our day to have fun and be fit. Since I am the organizer, I was the first to arrive at the venue. Power Smash, by the way, is located along Chino Roces, between Don Bosco and Sabio Street. It is in the same building as Philscan which is in front of the big red sign of Tile Depot. While walking towards Power Smash, I was hearing voices over the mic (announcer maybe?) and I was not feeling good about it. When I finally reached the place and informed them about our reservation, I was told that they cannot accommodate us as there is an on-going tournament. Tournament?? I was about to burst into anger but I still tried to calm myself. I have informed them of what I've gone through (see second paragraph of this post) and that since 11 more players are coming in, rescheduling is non-negotiable. Greatly, they were able to do something about it. They let us have 2 courts but we can only start at 2PM, instead of the initial 1PM schedule, since it is only then when there will be available courts. I had no problem with this as I was still waiting for my officemates to arrive.

Compared to Metro Badminton, Power Smash is smaller. The space was divided into two sections by the benches. The courts for each section are designed to be in parallel, and are around 6-8 courts per section. There is a high seat for the referee and a scorecard for each court. The wash room is air-conditioned but does not have a shower. Refreshments are being sold at the reception area at a higher price so better to bring your own water or drinks. 

Hopefully, Power Smash will be able to pay more attention on their reservation system especially that there are a lot of customers availing the deal. Despite the initial hassle that I had, I'm still glad that my friends enjoyed playing badminton for more than 3 hours (because they allowed us to play even after 5PM). The following day was full of body ache!

Power Smash
2270 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
+632 892 8024, +632 893 8299
Monday-Friday 6:00AM-7:00PM
Saturday-Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM

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