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Smoke Resto: Beef Salpicao, Chicken Kaopad, Fish Curry, and Mango Shake

Smoke Resto

With all the classy and expensive restaurants in Boracay, budget-conscious tourists need not worry as this little Smoke Resto at the heart of D'Mall offers great Filipino/Asian dishes at affordable prices. 

Lucky for us that we're staying near D'Mall so we didn't had a hard time looking for this place. Do not expect much from the ambiance as it is just a small stall with tables and benches.

Serving size is good for a not-so-hungry one. Imagine a medium size bowl with a cup of rice topped with the dish you ordered.

Beef Salpicao (100Php)
stir fried beef strips in chili dark sauce topped with garlic bits
Smoke Resto Beef Salpicao top

It's garlicky and flavorful! The meat is soft that I didn't have problems chewing them. Indeed, a very good choice!

Smoke Resto Beef Salpicao

Chicken Kaopad (100Php)
choice of pork or chicken strips on shrimp paste rice with egg strips and mango slices
Smoke Resto Chicken Kaopad top

This is my favorite! A bit sweet sauce for the chicken countered by the sourness of the refreshing mango slices, which blended well with the shrimp paste rice. A mix of flavors balanced by strips of scrambled egg.

Smoke Resto Chicken Kaopad

Fish Curry (120Php)
fish cubes and veggies in savory curry sauce
Smoke Resto Fish Curry top

This is more expensive (by 20Php) than our two orders yet, sadly, this is also my least favorite. It is peppery, which I find good as it adds spices, but there are really a lot of ginger slices that give off a strong taste once chewed. There are also just a few chunks of fish and it was even hard to detect which among is fish or ginger or potato due to its rich yellow curry sauce. It is also not the so-spicy curry type

Smoke Resto Fish Curry

Mango Shake (60Php)
Smoke Resto Mango Shake

I've seen reviews that Smoke's Mango Shake is a must-try and so I tried it out. Unfortunately, I cannot concur with that recommendation as the one I've tried was a bit sour. I guess I wasn't so lucky to have the sweet ripe mangoes. It is also the "mango-ey" where you can taste more of the fruit flavor, and not the "milky-creamy" type.

Overall, it was still a great dinner at Smoke Resto and I would recommend this place especially to the travelers who are on a tight budget. 

Smoke Resto
D'Mall, Boracay, Aklan
Open 24 hours