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REVIEW: Edwin Lisa Salon: P99 Ear Candling (P250 Value) from Gupo!

For people who have seen or read my posts under Group Buying Reviews, one can easily notice that I usually avail services like spa or treatment. And whenever I see something different that I've never tried yet, it tickles my interest. Such is the case for Ear Candling. Checking out some group buying sites, I found this inexpensive deal from Gupo at Edwin Lisa Salon. Now it's time to try ear candling. 

Edwin Lisa Salon is located along Evangelista Street, corner Balderama, Makati City. Though it offers services such as ear candling, facial, and massage, it is still and has the ambiance of a salon, not a spa. I had no issues with the reservation; I even called 4 days prior to our preferred date. We were also late by 30 minutes but they still accommodated us. 

*The Treatment*

I was asked to lie on my side, whichever side I want. The attendant prepared a paper plate, cut a hole on the center of it, then inserted the ear candle. I think the purpose of the paper plate is to protect the patient from the candle residue, worse, from burning the patient's hair or ear. The ear candle, by the way, looks like a hollow candle except that the smaller end is the one being inserted to the ear, while the wider end is the one being lit up.

While the candle is burning, the attendant is continuously massaging the part near the back of my ear. I cannot hear much of the surrounding, except for the sound of a slowly burning cloth. There is also a warm feeling in my ear, which somehow gives a relaxing feeling. There is also no aroma from the candle. It may be unscented or something. After roughly 10 minutes, the candle was used up and I was asked to lie on my other side. The same procedure follows using another piece of ear candle. So the whole procedure lasted for nearly 20 minutes. That was fast! After that, I was actually expecting that there is a "cleaning" procedure wherein the attendant would at least wipe the outer part of my ear -- there's none. Instead, the attendant cut open the left over candle and showed to me the earwax collected from my ears. I was amazed, and at the same time, cannot believe that I had such amount of earwax! And instantly after seeing that, I got a relieved feeling (might be all in my mind too).

The concept of Ear Candling, or Thermal Auricular Therapy, is that the burning candle gives off warm air or smoke that softens the earwax, and creates a mini-vacuum that sucks in the earwax. And that is how it cleanses the ears. If it is real, then I can just buy ear candles and do the therapy myself. But to be honest, I am still quite uncertain on the effectiveness of ear candling. I tried searching the internet and found several claims that ear candling is ineffective and even dangerous. You be the judge. Nevertheless, I am still glad to have tried this therapy, moreover, at a cheap price, so thanks to Edwin Lisa and Gupo!

Edwin Lisa Salon
1874 Evangelista Street cor. Balderama Street, Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City
+632 4587293, +63915 6454194

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