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I Love Backyard BBQ: Pulled Pork BBQ Special, and Dad's Famous Bulalo Steak

I Love Backyard BBQ

I Love Backyard BBQ is one of the restaurants in D'Mall which I noticed to have quite a lot of customers. It may be due to the interesting ambiance both inside and outside of the restaurant, or maybe there are just a lot who are craving for barbecues

The exterior tries to give a feeling that you're in a backyard -- yes, with fences. And since it is open door, one can easily see what's inside. Below, you can find that the wall is filled up with pictures of customers, messages, boards, etc. Looking at the pictures and reading the wall sayings made me entertained while waiting for the food. 

Despite its price, do not expect huge servings. But I find it enough for someone who just wanted to be filled.

I Love Backyard BBQ counter

I Love Backyard BBQ wall

Pulled Pork BBQ Special (185Php)
roasted bbq pork, pulled and flaked then smothered with our house special sauce; served with buttered greens, iluv BBQ rice, and sunny side up!

I Love Backyard BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Special top

Pulled Pork BBQ somehow gave a hint of adobo taste in its sauce. On its own, it doesn't have strong flavor nor it is too bland to be ignored. The separate barbecue sauce helped in enhancing its taste. I find that the flakes are quite long and thick, and that the meat is not that soft. And so, though the taste is just okay, I wasn't able to fully enjoy it. Add to that, eating this food on a sizzling plate isn't really a good idea.

I Love Backyard BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Special

Dad's Famous Bulalo Steak (290Php)
served ala pobre or ala mignon. it's love at first sight! served with buttered greens, iluv BBQ rice, and sunny side up!

I Love Backyard BBQ Dad's Famous Bulalo Steak top

For a "bulalo", its serving size doesn't justify its price. Taste-wise, it is still "bulalo" except that the separate gravy sauce complemented it well and gave the "steak" essence in this dish. The meat is soft but don't expect it to be as soft as the normal bulalo (with soup).

I Love Backyard BBQ Dad's Famous Bulalo Steak

I am not sure if we were just not able to get their best dishes. The food looked good and their descriptions too, but overall, it was a so-so. It's not that I won't be recommending this restaurant, but for those who are curious, sure, still give it a try! 

I Love Backyard BBQ
D'Mall, Station 2 Boracay, Aklan