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Crocs: CrocsTone Julia Flat

CrocsTone Julia Flat

CrocsTone Julia Flat is a surprise gift Allen gave me for our 18th month celebration. This is my first Crocs and I would like to share my happiness in having this.

Not until I received this footwear, I was under the impression that Crocs is all about colorful plastic-looking unisex clogs dotted with holes. And honestly, though people say that it is oh-so-comfy, I would not prefer it due to its design. Gladly, breaking the Crocs stereotype, Crocs has now revolutionized their styles and designs while retaining the same level of comfort.

*from Crocs Philippines website

Allen may not have been so happy knowing that I have seen the price, though he said he was able to buy it at Crocs Cash&Carry Makati branch on sale or on a factory price.

This design comes in four (4) colors: cottoncandy/burgundy, espresso/watermelon, silver/dahlia, and of course, black/aegeanblue. All are cute color combinations. In fact, the color that I have is the simplest and the most common yet I prefer the most since it can easily go well with any outfit, whether formal or casual.

Crocs rear part

The design is quite plain and simple: dominantly black with blue lining near the sole, and a "crocs" detail at the rear part of the shoes. You would feel the main difference once you have slipped your feet into it.

It is made of lightweight material (Croslite patented by Crocs), seems water-resistant, and sturdy. With its material, I don't have to worry about detaching inner or outer soles, nor tear or broken stitches. Also, I tend to have sweaty feet at times, and sweat plus dirt that are left on my shoes result to a not-so-good odor. But with this pair, I do not experience such problem as it can easily be cleaned and doesn't trap dirt or wetness.

Crocs top and sole

The foot bed contains "circulation nubs" for ergonomic and comfort. It is said that these help to stimulate blood flow. Indeed, I agree that stepping on them gives a massage-like feeling on the soles of my feet, and I love it!

The outer sole would give a "weird" feeling because it seems that the middle part is slightly elevated. At first you might feel unstable especially when standing on one foot. But this rocker effect provides muscle activity while you walk and has toning benefits for your legs. I imagine having light spring on the soles of my shoes that I actually feel bouncy while wearing it.

I must say this is the most comfortable flat shoes I ever had! Size wasn't even a problem as I am size 9 for this brand (I am usually size 10 or 10.5), and this is really a plus factor for someone like me who usually gets frustrated when buying shoes.