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Vanity strikes again! Dermclinic's Collagen Firming Facial seemed interesting and so the curious us wanted to know what's in this treatment. For 199Php, why not? 

More than a year ago, I remember visiting Dermclinic - The Link branch for a, supposedly, facial treatment. But after inquiring about the price, I just thought of finding a cheaper clinic as theirs was out of my budget. So a big thank you to the Group Buying sites as I can now experience such clinics, spas, and dining places at a great deal. 

Dermclinic has indeed a medical clinic ambiance: plain, white walls, and even the therapists have uniforms similar to medical staff complete with facial masks and gloves. It won't give you a spa-like feeling but you'd definitely get the impression that they know what they're doing. I had no issues with the reservation. I was even late by around 10-15mins but gladly, they still entertained us. Before the treatment, we were asked to fill out a form for our basic details and information regarding allergies or medications. 

Meant for dry and sensitive skin, Collagen Firming Facial is a 45-minute procedure that incorporates skin moisturization and other basic facial steps to gently tighten and smoothen the skin, and improve texture

*The Treatment*

  1. Wash Face - The therapist placed a hair band and a facial bib on me. She then asked me to wash my hand first before washing my face. I used a liquid cleanser for my face which is available in the washing area
  2. Facial Brush - After washing my face, I was assisted to the room where I was the sole patient. The first thing that the therapist did was to apply facial cleanser and used two sizes of facial brush to massage it on my face
  3. Facial Massage and Steam - An exfoliating cream was then applied on my face. The therapist took ample time to massage my face focusing on pressure points, while my face is set on steam
  4. Collagen Mask and Oxygen Therapy - Collagen Mask was applied to my face and was left for 15-20mins. Before I was left in the room, oxygen nasal cannula was placed on my nose. Oxygen Therapy replenishes lost oxygen in our cells due to aging, and aids in skin rejuvenation
  5. Laser Toning - This is to stimulate collagen rebuild and production which can result to reduced wrinkles, even skin tone, and tighter skin
  6. Collagen Cream - As a final touch, Collagen Cream, with moisturizing effect, was applied to my face

Based on what I have read in the internet, Collagen is a naturally produced protein in our body that is responsible for keeping our skin smooth, tight, and elastic. Collagen products may not necessarily contain actual collagen but these products have ingredients that would aid our body in building and repairing collagen. For this facial treatment, it may not have a drastic visible effect for just one session, but I am convinced that the procedures done would help my body in collagen formation. 

2F The Link Building (Beside Landmark) Ayala Center, Makati City
+632 856-1972, +632 856-6292

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