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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

It was just a year ago when I was enjoying my well-toned body. No worries when wearing swimsuit, and I don't even have to fit clothes when buying as I am confident that they'll look good on me. I owe this to my active lifestyle - fun run every month, dancing every other day, and jogging whenever I could. But this year, I noticed a drastic change in my figure though I am still in my mid-twenty's. Wider hips, bulging tummy, and unflattering bust line became my major sources of insecurity. Can't help but think that the effects were due to the change in lifestyle and habit as most of the time, I tend to sit and face my laptop working for hours, then eating and sleeping to compensate for the hard work. Slower metabolism due to aging may also be a factor as even though I try to engage myself again in dancing, running, and even diet, I ain't seeing significant results, which was not the case before. 

I know I'll feel confident again once I achieve the body I had before. But since I am still on the process of working my body out, I need to find ways on how I can still feel beautiful while wearing my dresses and clothes. Undergarments play a big role on this - so significant that they will make or break your look. It was just brilliant that Wacoal studied the woman's body as she ages, and as a result, formulated different types of undergarments to suit her needs. 

For instance, I have checked Wacoal's product list here: and chose the set for 20's since this is where I belong. Below are my choices: 

Wired half-cup bra with thick pads for additional volume
Has resin bone and soft thick side panel to ensure bust support

This type of bra won't only make my upper body look proportional to my lower part by giving volume. This type also provides full bust support, and its design is flexible.

Light support Shape Pants with tummy control

Tummy control and that's it! That's all that I need to erase that consciousness especially when wearing plain dress. 

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