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Tibiao Fish Spa: P120 Classic Fish Spa

We were strolling around SM City Iloilo on our 7th Monthsary, when we saw this spa -- Tibiao Fish Spa. We missed to try the fish spa when we went to Picnic Grove in Tagaytay and this is something we haven't done before. So being the impulsive "Lahs", we just went and gave it a shot!

We had the Classic Fish Spa for 30mins. And by the way, here are the rates:

Fish Therapy
  • Classic Fish Spa (30 mins) – 120 PHP
  • VIP Fish Spa (45 mins) – 250 PHP
  • Full body massage (1 hr) – 350 PHP
  • Half body massage (40 mins) – 250 PHP
  • Foot reflexology (20 mins) – 100 PHP

Since this is our first time, we were asked to read the guidelines before using the fish spa. People with open wounds on the feet or legs, or those with diabetes are not allowed to try the fish spa. I have to agree with that for hygienic purposes since the fish spa is being used by the public. I just hope the attendants have a way of determining this than just asking. 

We were then given numbers corresponding to the slot where we will place our footwear, and were asked to wash our feet. After that, it's feet-soaking time!

I think the Filipino/native-themed interior is very suitable as the fishes they are using are locally grown in Tibiao, Antique. There were also two types tanks: Beginner tank with small fishes, and Extreme tank with larger ones. 

We allotted 15mins for each tank, starting with the beginner tank. The fishes here are like the "doctor fishes" we saw in South Korea. It took time before I get used to the nibbling feeling. I tend to drive the fishes away due to my involuntary movements. It was really tickling, yet relaxing.

With my experience on the beginner tank, I was quite anxious on the extreme tank as there were bigger fishes, bigger nibbling. But I think I like it better with the bigger fishes. Not only more dead skin cells are being removed, but I also feel that my feet are receiving hundreds of smooching!

Overall, I had great time on my first fish spa experience. It was a different feeling, yet an interesting way of exfoliating. Will definitely try it again. 

Lower ground floor, SM City Iloilo
Benigno Aquino Drive, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
+63919 8139893, +63917 6315777