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Shopee: 15 of my Favorite SPACE SAVER Shopee Finds!!


Space Saver Shopee Finds! 

There's no denying of my love for online shopping, particularly with Shopee. Especially when pandemic happened, the more I became dependent on shopping online for my home and everyday needs. The situation also gave me time to focus on home improvement and setting it up to be more comfortable to work from home. 

Here's a quick look on the items to be featured on this post: 

Note: Photos are from the Shopee shops. Actual items are in the video. Below reviews are based on my experience using the products. Prices indicated and availability of items may change. 

Rotating Storage Tray ~Php117

Rotating Storage Tray 

I so love this item and find it really "sulit" for it's price. Bought two of this but now I think I need more! It is spacious so you can fit a lot. Requires little assembly -- you just have to connect the items at the bottom so it can rotate. This is perfect for shelves or cabinets so it will be convenient to reach all items. I used it for condiments, jams, spreads, etc. but you can also use it for your cosmetics, bath stuff, or just anything!

Get it here: Shopee 

Over Sink Dish Rack ~Php752

Over Sink Dish Rack 

I had been eyeing for this for a long while but glad its price dropped (used to cost more or less Php1,500). It comes in two sizes: 65cm and 85cm. Bought the 65cm since ours is just a single sink. It used vertical space so yes, really a space saver. And when you drain your dishes, water goes directly to the sink so no need for cleanup. This item requires assembly and it wasn't that easy as I remember, there was no manual included in the box. It is easy to figure out though by basing on the pictures. 

Included are dish basket, bowl basket, chopsticks holder (I used this for spoon and fork), chopping board holder, tool rest (this is where I put the sponge, dishwashing paste, and hung wiping cloth), hooks, and anti-skid suction cups. But unlike in the photo, the one I bought doesn't include the knife holder. This doesn't seem to be included in the 65cm variant. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Wall-Mounted Knife Utensils Holder ~Php87 

Wall-Mounted Knife Utensils Holder 

Since the Dish Rack I bought doesn't include knife holder, bought this cheap holder that includes hooks for hanging other utensils. No need to drill holes on your wall as this uses removable adhesive.  

Get it here: Shopee 

Over Door Hanging Rack ~Php79 

Over Door Hanging Rack 

The size is meant for kitchen or under-sink cabinets and is perfect if you want additional place for your tools. I use mine for hanging baking gloves and kitchen towels as it is located on the cabinet near the oven. If you want something to be used for full-sized door, I suggest to look for a different product as this will be too small for that. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Shoebox Drawer ~Php40

Shoebox Drawer 

This is really meant for shoes but I repurposed it as a storage for my small baking and cooking tools. It comes in different colors to suit your house theme. It requires assembly but very easy to do. The material is similar to clear book cover which is plastic. It may seem not very durable but once you placed in the locks and connect with the other boxes, it becomes stable. Does the job for what I intended it.

Get it here: Shopee 

Portable Emergency Light ~Php118

Portable Emergency Light 

This is another favorite item bought from Shopee. My family loves it as well that they started giving it out as gifts. For one, it comes in different sizes/wattages -- bought the 20W and 40W. It is really bright and it comes in 3 modes. It also lasts for hours so it was really useful during brownouts. I like the idea that it is magnetic so you can easily stick on the ref or on the range hood if you need to cook while electricity is cut off. There's also an option to hang it, very portable. You can easily recharge it. And the best part, it is just a little over Php100 for the smallest variant. This is way cheaper than the usual bulky emergency lights. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Clip Fan ~Php128

Clip Fan 

I just needed an extra fan in our bedroom but I don't want another stand fan that will occupy our small space. Thought of a tower fan but it's 10 times more expensive than this. Found this on Shopee while looking for options. I didn't expect much but with its very cheap price, there's really nothing to lose so I gave it a try. I bought two fans and very happy that I did! It gives out strong wind comparable to a normal electric fan. I even prefer it than our existing fan as for some reasons, the air is cooler. The clip allows me to put it anywhere without compromising space -- on a shelf, on a cabinet, on a table, etc. You can also adjust the head and body the way you want it although it does not rotate as in usual fans. It only has one mode but I already find it sufficient. As it does not have a cover, this is not ideal when you have curious kids at home who might touch them -- unless, of course, you put it on a place where small kids cannot reach it. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Bedside Table ~Php315

Bedside Table 

This is one of the items I bought early on when lockdown was announced. I thought I needed a place to work but I do not have a place for a computer table. This requires set up but I was able to handle it on my own. It has wheels so you can move it from one place to another. The height of the table is adjustable. I found reviews where buyers mentioned that it collapses. I guess it depends if you were able to properly assemble it. I have been using this table for several months, every single day for my work and my son's online class during weekdays, and I have also placed stack of pillows, food, etc on it but it is still sturdy. So far, this has been very useful for my work-from-bed ... err, work-from-home setup. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Clip Desk Lamp ~Php138 

Clip Desk Lamp 

To pair with my table is this desk lamp that can be clipped on the table and adjusted the body or head. It has 3 levels of brightness and it can easily be charged via USB. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Book Stand with Organizer ~Php245

Book Stand with Organizer 

Absolutely what I need to store my son's school stuff. This is where I put his notebooks, modules, whiteboard, and papers. The built-in pen holder is also very useful to keep his pencils, eraser, sharpener, markers, etc. all in one place! As they are stored vertically, it only consumes little space on our tiny rack. This requires assembly, by the way.  

Get it here: Shopee 

Hanging Pot ~Php16 

Hanging Pot 

Staying at home made me a plantita but given I don't have much space, the walls became my bestfriend and these hanging pots are great finds to fulfill my calling (haha!). They come in different sizes and colors. You can hang them on window grills, balcony, or for my case, this wire mesh. 

Get it here: Shopee  

Plastic Basket ~Php250 Buy 1, Take 1

Plastic Basket 

This has helped me a lot in making use of the space under my bed or on top of the cabinets. It comes in different colors and sizes. I have used it for putting socks, hankies, underwear, clothes, and even my son's toys. By now you can imagine how many of these I bought! 

Get it here: Shopee 

Soap Holder ~Php22 

Soap Holder 

So yes, even in the bathroom I need more space. Having this wall-mounted soap holder maximizes the vertical space especially we have variety of soap. You can place it near the sink or anywhere accessible. 

Get it here: Shopee 

Wall Hooks ~Php5

Wall Hooks 

These wall hooks are overly cheap but very useful! I have it in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and living room. This has been very useful for me so far although one thing to note is you should install it properly to achieve maximum adhesion. Once you stick it, hold it in place for 10-20seconds. Then do not hang anything yet on it for 24hours. After that, you use it as you please.  

Get it here: Shopee

Spray Mop ~Php279

Spray Mop 

I say it's a space saver because of it's 2-in-1 functionality wherein you can wet the floor and mop at the same time using just one tool. You can get rid of the pale of water used to wet it, and storing is a breeze. My son loves to use it that he volunteers to clean the floor everyday! If that will not convince you to buy it, I don't what (haha!). 

Get it here: Shopee 

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