Ford v Ferrari: 4 Reasons Why this True-to-Life Car Racing Movie is One of the Best Films of 2019!

Ford v Ferrari
Ford v Ferrari 

Ford v Ferrari is in cinemas starting November 13, 2019. But before that happened, I got to watch its advance screening in Power Plant Mall last November 07, 2019.
Ford v Ferrari Special Advance Screening at Power Plant Mall
Special Advance Screening at Power Plant Mall 

I had no idea of the movie. From the title, I thought it's just a film about cars or car racing. Little did I know, I'm in for a ride! So here's 4 reasons why I think you should watch this movie.

  • Watch If You're a Car or Car Racing Enthusiast. See how they designed Ford GT40 back in the 60s to beat Ferrari in Le Mans -- from the shape and weight for aerodynamics, to the technical aspects of engines, tires, and brakes, and how they continuously improve it to last the 24-hour match. But the most important factor is the driver who is not only skilled in maneuvering the car, but also "feels" it!

  • It Goes Beyond Car Racing. No, it's not just about the heart-pumping race. It rooted from a hurt pride that fueled Ford to change history. The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari is way beyond what you see on the race track

  • It's a True to Life Story, History Revealed. It happened. Everything happened, and it is inspiring in a way that their determination, the motivation, plus the heart they put into it paid off. It's also a tribute to the unsung hero of this race -- Ken Miles

  • Good Story Telling and Visuals, Superb Acting! It's a 2.5-hour movie that slowly builds up but with great intensity making you hold on your seat for the next pace. The Le Mans race as the climax brought a thrilling ride paired with great screenplay. And just when you feel it's time to relax, a heart-pinching episode takes place. Undoubtedly great chemistry between Matt Damon and Christian Bale. But it was Christian Bale's depiction of Ken Miles that clung to me the most

This biographic film may not appeal you at first, especially if you're not into cars or racing. But you have to watch it and experience how great of a ride it is!
Advance Screening Ford v Ferrari
Thank you for the pass! 

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this movie. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission. 
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