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Brad and Pit's Ribshack: Rib Mountain, Mount Nachos, and more!

Brad and Pit's Ribshack 

Owners Bradley Pineda and Chef Rafael "Pitol" Buzeta thought of a perfect catchy name for their restaurant -- Brad & Pit's Ribshack. Whether it was Brad Pitt the Hollywood actor, or Brod Pete the comedian comes to your mind, for sure this restaurant's name has already captured your attention.
vintage, laid-back yet creative 

The name makes a good impression, but visit the restaurant to see how the ambiance will also make you want to stay with its vintage, laid-back yet creative vibe. The walls are painted black but are never dull as they are filled with witty quotes and chalk arts. A lot of interesting old items can be found in the place and guess what, some were gotten from a "kariton" guy. It is a good place to hold events with a maximum capacity of 100 guests including the small private room and al fresco area. Parking is also not a problem in this Kapitolyo branch as they have available spaces in front of the restaurant.
quotes and drawings on black walls al fresco area 

The lasting impression still comes from the food and so here are some of the best sellers.
Best Sellers 

Mount Nachos (195Php)
Tortilla chips drizzled in cheese and homemade BBQ sauce, topped with sliced jalapenos, and pulled pork bits
Mount Nachos 

A big hungry group and needing a quick chow? No problem as this Mount Nachos is good to jump-start your appetite for an affordable price. The toppings are generous enough, with noticeable hints of spiciness from jalapeno and slight sweetness from the barbecue sauce.
Mount Nachos Taco Sticks 

Taco Sticks (165Php)
Not your regular taco! Imagine taco beef... but rolled in crispy wanton wrapper! 
Taco Sticks 

My usual complaint with tacos is that it is messy to eat that I end up mashing them all together and eating them with spoon and fork. For me, Taco Sticks is brilliant as you get to enjoy tacos in all its flavor and essence minus the messy part. You still get the crunch, the beef, and oh, the cheese is good, then dip in salsa sauce.

Cubano (135Php)
Grilled pork and sweet ham smothered in original barbecue sauce, pressed in between a crusty baguette 

This is probably the second time I've tried Cubano. The first was from a different resto/food stall and it was thin and light but good. Brad and Pit's Cubano gave a different experience -- a wonderful one because this cubano is really good. Surprisingly, despite being a ribshack, it is one of the first dishes in the menu and I'm glad that they've never pulled it out (and please don't ever!). I so love the flavor and the tenderness of the pork. Its combination with minced pickles, ham, and cheese makes it a wow for me. The bun can be too filling though that I just had a quarter of the cubano.
Cubano Original Rib Mountain 

Original Rib Mountain (ranges from 275Php for 2pax to 2,250Php for 20pax)
A mound of tender ribs coated in original BBQ sauce. Served with corn and coleslaw 
Original Rib Mountain 

We usually see ribs served as slabs but here at Brad and Pit's, they go for stack! This Rib Mountain comes in 7 sizes (2 to 20 pax) and 4 flavors (Original, Spicy Barbie, Dry Rub, and Havana).

Original Ribs Combo (159Php)
Signature ribs in original barbecue sauce, with corn & carrots, and plain rice 
Original Ribs Combo 

But if you're going solo, Ribs Combo is perfect for you. You get a generous amount of ribs, corn and carrots on the side, and a cup of rice. Meat is tender, no question. But for the original/signature barbecue sauce, I might need just a little getting used to as I find it more tangy than sweet. Though it is a good thing that it is showered with sauce as I tend to dip it in more sauce as I eat.
Original Ribs Combo Spicy Barbie Ribs Combo 

Spicy Barbie Ribs Combo (159Php)
Signature ribs in spicy barbecue sauce, with corn & carrots, and plain rice 
Spicy Barbie Ribs Combo 

And of course, there's always something for those who wanted some kick -- Spicy Barbie Ribs Combo.

Caribbean Wings (ranges from 200Php for 6pcs to 545Php for 20pcs)
Deep-fried and mouthwatering chicken wings coated in a tantalizing sweet glaze 
Caribbean Wings 

Another dish I enjoyed is the Caribbean Wings. It may look spicy because of the color but I find it more of sweet with Mexican hints. I liked it even without the dip, but it is also great with it.
Caribbean Wings Tuna Belly 

Grilled Tuna Belly in Cream Sauce (385Php)
Grilled tuna belly showered in cream sauce, with corn & carrots
Cream Sauce Tuna Belly 

They have Tuna Combo for the soloistas or those who just don't want to share. Though recently, they also offered Grilled Tuna Belly for sharing. If you go for something light and creamy, have your tuna belly in cream sauce.

Grilled Tuna Belly in Barbecue Sauce (385Php)
Grilled tuna belly showered in barbecue sauce, with corn & carrots
Barbecue Tuna Belly 

Between the two sauce options for tuna belly, I think I'd go for the barbecue sauce. For me, it has more depth and flavor without overpowering the tuna essence.

Choco Lava Cake (165Php)
Choco Lava Cake Choco Lava Cake 

Last but not the least, dessert! We were served this Choco Lava Cake but our bad, we only ate it after several minutes (or probably an hour) and it became too tough to eat. Good thing we had another one and that's when we have tasted this chocolate dessert. Chocolate cake itself is good with its chocolate-iness not too rich and just complements the vanilla ice cream. The presentation looks so classic and nostalgic due to the sprinkles that the child-like in me wanted to get giddy.

Brad and Pit's Ribshack holds Acoustic Night every Tuesday giving you another reason to hangout in this place. Aside from the tasty and affordable meals and dishes, bar chows, cocktails, beers, and other alcoholic drinks are also available to keep you boozed. And since Kapitolyo branch is turning 1 year this May, watch out for more promos and events through their Facebook Page.

Brad and Pit's Ribshack
35 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
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Disclaimer: I was invited by Zomato to review this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.