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Nanbantei of Tokyo: Best Sellers Platter, Aburi Shrimp/Salmon, and more!

Nanbantei of Tokyo

Southeners rejoice as Nanbantei of Tokyo opened their third branch at Corte de Las Palmas, Alabang Town Center. This strategic location aims to spread the yakitori culture to guests in places like Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Laguna, and Cavite.

This is the second time I've been to Nanbantei of Tokyo; the first was in their Bonifacio High Street branch. This two-storey branch in Alabang has a more modern look but is still embedded with classic Japanese elements. The color palette, though sported differently, remained the same to provide a relatable vibe as the other branches. I particularly like the wall pattern in combination with the hanging lights, wooden tables, and red-accented couch.
Strawberry Mango Shake (100Php)Calamansi Shake (80Php)

Though yakitori can be best enjoyed with beer, vodka, or cocktails, non-alcoholic drinkers can choose from a selection of refreshing fruit juices and shakes that range from Php 75 to Php 100. Try their Strawberry Mango Shake!
skewers party!

Aburi Shrimp / Aburi Salmon (per piece - 75Php)
Ebi/Salmon nigiri topped with Japanese mayo
Aburi Shrimp and Salmon

With new branch comes new offerings! The Aburi Shrimp/Salmon is part of the new additions to the menu along with Wafu Salad and Black Sesame Ice Cream. The term "aburi" refers to the Japanese style of partially grilling seafood on top of nigiri. I really enjoyed this, not just because I'm a sushi lover. The whole thing is squishy and felt like melting in my mouth. The torched Japanese mayo on top made it superb!
Aburi Shrimp and SalmonEbi Tempura

Ebi Tempura (385Php)
Ebi Tempura

The Ebi Tempura provided that break from eating too much grilled skewers. Though there is nothing out of ordinary in their tempura, the same crunchy classic type, having it in the menu gives variety of dish selections.

Yaki Meshi (120Php)
Japanese fried rice
Yaki Meshi

I like Nanbantei of Tokyo's Yaki Meshi as it is good and light-flavored. It seems simple and just matches the smoky grilled meat taste.

Best Sellers Platter (995Php)
A total of 21 sticks which includes three of the following: Aspara Maki (asparagus wrapped with pork), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Pork Garlic Yaki (pork with garlic flavor), Shiso Maki (pork with shiso leaf), Negima (combination of chicken meat and leaks), Corn, and Poteto Maki (potato wrapped with bacon)
Best Sellers

Though Nanbantei of Tokyo is known as a yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant, in reality, they offer a wide selection of pork, beef, seafood, and vegetable skewers as well. If it's your first time to dine here, it is recommended to try their Best Sellers platter. My favorite here is the Shiso Maki (pork with shiso leaf) as it is so tender and flavorful. I also like the Poteto Maki (potato wrapped with bacon) just because, err,  it has bacon. I didn't enjoy much the chicken options this time (versus my initial visit) as they were a bit tough. I guess the grilling procedure and timing is crucial as it greatly affects the tenderness of the meat. For the corn, if you don't feel like gnawing and eating it from the cob, you may request to have it shredded for easy munching.
Best SellersGreen Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream (100Php)
Green Tea Ice Cream

I love matcha and so when I saw there's a Green Tea Ice Cream in the list of desserts, I didn't think twice ordering it. It comes in two small scoops, however, flavor-wise, it has a strong green tea tang. I was expecting something similar to those in milk tea, frappe, or chocolate. I'll like it better if it is in sweeter and creamier tone.

They may not look so but these grilled meat-on-sticks are really filling. I might have underestimated it but after 4-5 sticks, I'm already full. Nanbantei of Tokyo makes use of electric grill for quicker and easier cooking, and to accommodate the fast demand on their main item -- grilled skewers. The use of charcoal can add more depth and character to the flavor but this is more feasible in a smaller setting. Hopefully, they can apply this in their upcoming Izakaya concept to open soon in Makati.

Nanbantei of Tokyo
Corte de Las Palmas, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
+632 772 0766 / +632 772 6331

Nanbantei Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.

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