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REVIEW: Big Skinny: L Shape Black Nylon Exterior and My Phone Wallet Plus Sized Cherry Red

Big Skinny Philippines 

Big Skinny Philippines' Facebook sponsored posts paid off! Apparently, seeing their posts every time I open my Facebook made me curious about their product as I am one of those who used to own a long and thick wallet. Several times I tried to brush off their posts thinking I don't need it, but my curiosity kept getting stronger. One time, I browsed their page, and then another time, I found myself inquiring through their page. Man, they respond fast! Why not give me any reason not to buy...

I then visited their website at Aha, pricey! I say it's pricey as I've never had a wallet worth more than Php500. But then the concept of their product already struck me. I even tried searching for a similar product at cheaper price but found none (let me know if you find one).

(Now this is the part where I try to find reasons to buy...) So a few days before Allen's birthday, I was trying to look for a gift. And then I asked if he's interested in a Big Skinny wallet... and he said, "yes!". Since I'd buy one for him, why not buy one for myself as well. There you go... and that's how I gave in. I ordered Friday night and received it Monday noon via LBC. Fast and smooth transaction.

Here are our Big Skinny wallets! I'll let the pictures talk first.
Big Skinny wallets front
Big Skinny wallets inside
Big Skinny wallets back
Big Skinny wallets thinness

L Shape Black Nylon Exterior (1,650Php)
  • Full-size extra-tall billfold area 
  • 5 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • 2 oversized hidden storage pockets
  • Dimensions: 4 1/3 inches wide x 3 1/4 inches tall (11.2 cm x 8.3 cm)
  • Only 1/4 inches(6 mm) thin when empty!
Old wallet EMPTY, Big Skinny EMPTY

In fairness to Allen's previous wallet, I bought it 5 years ago on sale at around Php500-600 and until now, it is still in good condition. There are some signs of wear and scratches on the leather over the years but the stitches and pockets are all intact. I hope our Big Skinny will last more than 5 years!

When I get hold of this wallet fresh from delivery, the first thing I noticed was the thinness of this wallet. Amazing! Though it also felt fragile that its thinness might easily be cut or punctured. But if it's machine washable then the materials should be tough enough.

Old wallet EMPTY, Big Skinny FULL

We preferred the L Shape over the other bi-fold model as it has more card compartments. I was eyeing a brown one rather than black but there was no stock. I chose the nylon exterior over the leather one as the latter doesn't seem to be machine wash safe and is relatively heavier.

From the photos, you can easily see how an empty Big Skinny is different from a full one, though the thickness of a full Big Skinny wallet is just comparable to the empty old wallet. Allen used to have a medium-sized tri-fold wallet which doesn't perfectly fit his back pocket but he eventually got used to it over the years ('cos I gave that wallet to him haha). But with his new Big Skinny wallet, the difference in thickness, weight, and size is very noticeable... like the wallet is barely there.

My Phone Wallet Plus Sized Cherry Red (1,950Php)
  • Zippered coin compartment on front 
  • Zipper pull can accommodate wrist strap
  • 6 pockets hold 1-2 plastic cards each 
  • 2 clear ID pockets holds about 3 plastic cards 
  • 2 extra large pockets, big enough to fit a passport
  • divided billfold area accommodates international currency
  • cell phone pocket (3 3/4 inches wide x 6 1/8 inches tall) on reverse holds phone in securely with elasticized strap (even with phone case on)
  • Dimensions:  4 1/8 inches wide x 6 1/8 inches tall
Old wallet FULL, Big Skinny EMPTY

When I decided to buy a Big Skinny wallet for myself, I see to it that it should satisfy all the things I'm looking for in a wallet: lots of card compartments, coin pocket, a place for my cellphone, bill compartment big enough to fit my cash and Gift Certificates. Two models satisfy these conditions. My Phone Wallet Plus Sized was my first choice, but I also considered the Leather Panther Clutch. I decided to go with my first choice as it is cheaper, smaller, and comes in red!

My Phone Wallet Plus Sized did not only satisfy all my needs for a wallet, but it also provided more with its design. For instance, I used to have a wallet that has a lot of card compartments but the pocket can only fit one card, is too tight, and so I often damage the pocket itself every time I try to pull out my cards. But with Big Skinny's roomy card pockets, I can put 2 cards per slot and they do not slip out of the pocket. The thumb hole on the clear ID pocket is also very useful in easily accessing the card as usually, in my old wallets, the card sticks to the plastic making it hard to pull out.

Old wallet EMPTY, Big Skinny EMPTY

Having the coin pocket on front that expands when you open it for easy access is something I like about this wallet. If I need to get coins, I do not have to open my entire wallet revealing its content. I also like the elevated billfold area for the usual PHP bills, and the deeper extra wide billfold for my Gift Certificates.

Two things that I really find useful in my new wallet are the cellphone holder and the wrist strap. Why? Here's a usual "almost-daily" scenario: From the office, I need to go out to buy food for take out. I always bring my wallet and my cellphone. After buying, I have my food on one hand, drink on the other. As I don't usually have pockets, I have my phone on the same hand holding my food, and my wallet clipped to my armpit. And then I have to badge in my ID and at the same time, open the door. Imagine the struggle... But with the phone holder that fits my LG G2 Mini with jelly case on, and the wrist strap, I just have to hang my Big Skinny wallet on my wrist, and wella! I have two free hands!

Old wallet EMPTY, Big Skinny FULL

So far, so good in our almost two weeks of using our Big Skinny wallets. Again, they're lighter and thinner than our previous wallets. They have smart and well-thought-of designs. They were able to address all my needs in a wallet and the difference from our previous wallets is really distinguishable in a good way. One thing I cannot comment on is its quality. Though I've read in some reviews that they do last for years... and I really hope so as these would make the price really worth it!

Big Skinny Philippines
+63927 715 4263 / +63947 816 0966

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for the product.