Mildred's Cake: Anniversary Cupcakes

I created this from pictures in Mildred's Cake Facebook Page

I was browsing the net to look for a peg cake for my mom's birthday when I came across anniversary cupcakes. They are personalized, handy, and a variation to the usual cake presented during events. It was only a week before Allen and I's anniversary when I thought of having our own anniversary cupcakes.

Using MS Word, I drafted the design of our 6-piece cupcakes. I made use of simple shapes and not the 3D type so it would be easier to make considering only a week is left to find the supplier and order the cupcakes.

Happy LAHniversary Cupcakes
Now that the design is okay, next is to look for a supplier. I checked and sent email to all the cupcake sellers that I can find to ask for a quote on my design peg. I was a bit desperate since I've read from their sites/FB pages that most of them need at least 2 weeks before the event for ordering. The upcoming Holy Week didn't help as well. The following day, I have received some replies but I found a lot of constraints such as the meetup/pickup location, price, and minimum order. I was already losing hope not until Ms. Mildred of Mildred's Cake replied.

Mildred's Cake was actually referred to me by my officemate. My officemate has already ordered 2 cake-and-cupcake sets from Ms. Mildred, first was during her mom's 70th birthday, and second was during her kids' birthday. She brought some in the office and so I was able to taste Mildred's Cake and they were really good. The first time I have contacted Ms. Mildred was when I asked for a quote for a peg cake for my mom's birthday. But since it is still months to go, I didn't focus on it yet. When I was looking for a cupcake supplier, I just gave it a shot if Ms. Mildred can accommodate it. And wella, though she also requires a minimum number of cupcakes (12 pieces), she was still the cheapest among all those who responded to me. Add to that, the meetup point was accessible, initially SM Manila, but I asked if we could just meet at UN Avenue which is actually near her place (and so I could also sight my old school - Manila Science High School).

Anniversary Cupcakes (12pcs, 500Php)

Mildred's Cake - Anniversary Cupcakes box

I only drafted design for 6 pieces. But since she requires 12 pieces, I just asked her to add 6 more cupcakes of whatever design. The result was fantastic! I was really excited about these fondant cupcakes and when I saw the final product, ohh.. she nailed it!

Mildred's Cake - Anniversary Cupcakes

Just as I expected, the cupcakes are not all about looks but are delicious moist chocolate base. Even the fondant was not too sweet.

I am really grateful to Ms. Mildred for her great creation and making my idea come to life at an affordable price. Ms. Mildred was even nice (oh, I think she prefers to be called Tita Mildred), we had a few chitchats, but sadly I wasn't able to take a picture of us since I was a bit in a hurry since I need to pickup my Fruits in Bloom arrangement. But I would be glad to have business with her again.

Mildred's Cake
971-A San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila
+63918 2706266 (smart); +63933 4333938 (sun); +63906 2988538 (globe); +632 5369046 (land line)

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