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REVIEW: Bravura Spa: P199 60-minute Walking Ventosa Massage & 20-minute Ear Candling Treatment (P950 Value) from MetroDeal!

Due to the Group Buying websites, I get to try different spas and treatments. I started trying out the basic Swedish or Shiatsu massage at affordable price, but now I seek for those I haven't tried before. Walking Ventosa Massage is something new to my ears. Add to that an Ear Candling Treatment for only 199Php, I guess that's a good deal. 

Bravura Spa is located at Sunette Tower in Durban Street, near Makati Avenue. You don't have to go inside Sunette Tower as the spa is at the back side of the building. Inside, you would find that the place is a bit small and has a very narrow reception area. Just a divider designed with banig, and you'll already find the rooms with curtain dividers. Nevertheless, the place still tried to give a spa ambiance with its cozy dim lights and relaxing music. I didn't encounter any problems in the reservation maybe because I chose a weekday after lunch for our appointment. They would require you to send via SMS the voucher code along with the name of the buyer. 

*The Massage*

As the usual massages, it started with the legs and feet. The strokes done were more of sliding presses. Not sure if it's because I haven't had massage for months, but the strokes and the amount of pressure felt good on my leg muscles. Even the foot massage was good targeting some pressure points. I find the initial back stretching heavy and a bit uncomfortable because the masseuse seemed to be lifting herself while pushing against me. But then I realized that it has a purpose as it eased my back tension. Back massage was done mainly by walking ventosa. I have tried Ventosa for the firts time at Shui Hilot Healing Spa but this one from Bravura Spa is a bit different. There were only two cups used. The cups were rolled, one at a time, from the upper back near the shoulders to the lower back twice or thrice (I can't remember) for each cup. It was a pinching tolerable pain when the cup was rolled to the lower back. After the cup-"walking", the cups were placed stationary at the upper-most part of the back, while the masseuse proceeded on massaging my arms. After some strokes on my arms, she moved the cups a bit lower, then continued massaging my arms. This went on until the cups reach the lower back (I think up to the upper butt area). Another round of cup rolling and the walking ventosa was done. I was asked to lie on my back, and the masseuse massaged my legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and head. My usual favorite is the head massage

For ear candling, I still have the same thoughts for this treatment as in the first time I tried it at Edwin Lisa Salon. In Bravura Spa, instead of paper plates, they used a designed pillow to protect the customer's face and also to support the candle

For 199Php, it is worth the price. The massage made its purpose, the place is accessible, the overall ambiance is not that bad, and even if we started 15mins past our appointment (as we're late), we still enjoyed and had the more-than-an-hour procedure. 

Bravura Spa
Unit 103 Sunette Tower Condominium, Durban St, Poblacion, Makati City
+632 5193798, +63999 7556628

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