It's My Birthday! Year 2012 Edition

just when the day is about to end

Occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, etc are events that I really look forward to. Of course they say "Make everyday a Christmas day" or "Do not wait for special events to do something special" - I agree with that. But it's just that during these occasions, I want to put a little "extra" to make it memorable (at least for me), meaningful, and more special.

As what has been my yearly tradition, I list down the names of all those who greeted me on the day of my birthday. What I really noticed, though, is that no one greeted me at 12mn on the dot unlike the previous years. There were also less text messages and phone calls. Maybe people are just getting practical, or it has always been easier to greet someone via Facebook. That is why I really appreciate those people who did a little "extra" for me, those who gave more thoughts and meaning, even by just greeting me.

This year, 2012, the first person to greet me is, of course, Allen Gurrea. He is also the one who prepared and gave me the only gift (not counting the lovely cake from PAD) I had on my birthday - an eCard. This is really meaningful and I enjoyed reading it (read it several times!). You can find it here:

eCard Greeters

*Allen Gurrea*Don and ate Nheems*Xye (Garcia)*Myk Ogbinar*Marius (Oczon)*Korix (Dagoy)*Abby Amago*Bart (Bartolome)*Lou Brigino*Tonix Alejo III*KC, Harry and HK*Fred (Rodriguez)*Marion (Dela Cruz)*MJ (Rodriguez)*Moler (Molera)*Jaime (Guillermo)*Princejarenxye Acosta Garcia*Janelle (Santos)*January (Guererro)*JC (Ty)*Enrique (Decena)*Sarah Servano*Chad Lim*Tin Terol*Jake (Ngo Vincent)*Harold (Laxinto)*Marci (Calayag)*Bob Liao*Jerwin (Damay)*Bern (Go)*Ricky Salvador*Lis (Choi)*Egay Acosta*JC Acosta*Christian Villanos aka FOG*Kixa (Catalasan)*Mark B. (Bernabe)*Yovah (Moscoso)*Adiness (Custodio)*Chiara (Bonzon)*Evan (Hernandez)*Chester, Rai, & Sandro Angeles*Von (Panulaya)*Cleng (Lapira)*Jasper (Aquino)*Luthfi (Soekartawi)*Kes Noveno*Muggie (Mugot)*Heissen (Tamura)*Ice (Garchitorena)*Fe (Orpilla)*Jelai (Santos)*Anna Mae (Angeles)*Bespren Edi (Francisco)*Paul (Pacheco)*Gino and scorpions (Alag)*Mark Yu*Shiela (Data)*Ron (your LNSmate) (Dizon)*Dei (Gerona)*Monica (Iriberri)*Mike (Siapno)*Mayall (Nuestro)*Kurt (Bayangos)*Wyngard See*Star Gatchalian*Carlito*Gi (Ng)*Patrick (Alsim)*Ralph Galfo*Daryl (Ancheta)*Mama Sol and Papa Boy*Don C (Covar)*Rai (Guevarra-Rivera)*

There are also those people who, even if I did not display my birthday on Facebook (but maybe they saw it in News Feeds, haha), greeted me via Wall Posts or FB messages.

Facebook Greeters

*Raiza Marian Guevarra-Rivera*Allan Roy Sunglao*Erynn Lantan*Mikey Velasco*Nelson Jay Bj Ostique*MArie Antonette Wong*Arvin Jasper Hong*Paul Robert Pacheco*Patrick Alsim*Verna Ellaine*Von Panulaya*Michael Siapno*Abigail Amago*Lloyd Rivera*Patrick William D. Guinto*Leo Nikolo Paderna*Queenie Santos*Jon Choi*Mike Lu*Katrina Dela Rosa Manangquil*Jake Tiu Ngo Vincent*Janelle Santos*Hanne Rebollos*Jelai Santos*Bam Recomite*Wyngard See*Michael Javier*Mark Bernabe*Ejay Mangaliman*Rj Briones*Elise Cruz*Joemyl Baloro*Sarah Servano*Popoy Lagman*Hazel Chiva*Paulo Ocampo*Jodie Omana*Angel Co*Eric Decena*Paul Bernard R. Gabion*Michi Magsarili*Gah Nheems*Maria Patricia Francisco*Jairus Jericho M. Perocho*Maita Marasigan*Cleng Lapira*

A few still took time to send messages via SMS or via chat.

SMS Greeters

*Jennelyn Aguila*Deandra Gerona*Tin Terol*Chelmi Carrillo*

Chat Greeters

*Grace Cimara*Christian Uy Lim*Francis Borromeo*Richard Guanco*

One really thought of making it special via calling on my mobile phone - that's Marci Calayag.

My family and relatives either greeted me personally or via telephone call. 
*Ate Jade*Manang Sabel*Mommy Edith*Xye*Prince*Mama Sol*Jenny*Mike*

To all those who remembered, who thought of greeting me because they were asked to or because they saw it, who took extra effort to make their messages heart felt ...

Thank you so much!

*The truth is (and ironically), this is so far the worst birthday I had. It didn't start good, I was alone on the day itself while still containing the worst feeling. I thought I'd be spending it with someone I love, but turned out the opposite. I almost regret this day and thought I should have just took the day off and celebrated it with some true friends. Worst so far... worst. To think I looked forward to this once a year day of mine. What a memorable gift. ...But then, just right before the day ends, he came. And now I realized, the day started and ended with him, who cares in between. :)
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  1. happy birthday, :) i chatted you too! hahaha!

    1. haha thanks shiela! FB message ko sila nakuha. sorry for the miss. hehe

  2. There were a lot more na humabol ng messages at greetings sa eCard, Facebook at chat. Maraming salamat! :)

  3. jessa, bigla kita naisip if dumaan na ba birthday mo then when I look at your page mejo matagal na pala bday mo. whahaha. Belated happy birthday po! :) May you have more to come. :) God bless. :)

    1. Hello Lis! Thanks sa greeting! :) nung February 23 bday ko. But don't worry Lis, nabasa ko naman yung greeting mo sa eCard just on time. hehe :)


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