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REVIEW: Aesthetic Science Clinic: P486 Herbal Enzyme Facial PLUS Massage (P1080 Value) from Buyanihan!

This post is actually misleading. Though I bought the voucher for "Herbal Enzyme Facial + Massage" (1080Php), the treatment that I really took was the "Glycolic Acid Cleaning" (580Php) plus "TCA 20% Peel" (300Php). But since I bought the voucher for 486Php, that's still ~45% savings!

Now, how did it happen that I had the cleaning, instead of the facial? (By the way, I assume that facial and cleaning differs in purpose. Facial seems to be more of for relaxation, while cleaning is really for skin treatment.) Upon entering the clinic, we were asked to fill up a sheet for basic info and some questions regarding medication, allergies, skin treatment, etc. I was then assigned to "Maan" (Aesthetician) who gave me a face and chest bath. Before the actual procedure, a doctor came in to do skin analysis. And based from her assessment, I do have oily skin and that the facial and massage might just cause pimple-breakout. I also had the chance to have a little consultation on the condition of my skin, what triggers the occurrence of my pimples (mainly, sleeping pattern and stress), and what can be done. Since I won't be able to enjoy fully the Herbal Enzyme Facial + Massage service, I decided to have it converted to Glycolic Acid Cleaning + TCA peel (which the doctor recommended as well). Well I guess I am now more after the pimple treatment than the relaxation part!

*The Treatment*

The treatment started with the application of glycolic acid, which, as Maan said, is for exfoliating and easier extraction of comedones (blackheads, whiteheads, etc.). As this is a bit tingly and itchy, a small fan was directed towards my face to ease the sensation. It was then washed off with a wet towel and I had steaming for a few minutes (to open the pores). Some vacuum... and then the "deep pore extraction" took place! [insert TEARS here] But I must say Maan tried her best not to induce much pain. A 'pseudo-laser' (not really sure how to call it) was used to close the pores. Last was the application of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) which will cause peeling after 2-3 days, and as such, I was advised to avoid exposure to the sun.

Whew! This is actually not my first time to try facial cleaning, but what I like about this place is that though it specializes in skin treatment, it never missed to have a clean, soothing and relaxing ambiance (room interior, music, etc). Each patient has a room and treated graciously. They even offered tea or water after the treatment. Also a day after, a doctor sent an SMS to check my condition.

This has been a good experience for me, but I still have to check if there will be visible results from my treatment. Hehe. ;b

Aesthetic Science
G/F Jupiter Place Bldg., Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City
+632 899-3643
+63917 808-2926

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February 25, 2011
A week has passed. Indeed, I experienced peeling as soon as the day after the treatment. And until now I am still experiencing peeling, but it is not something to worry about since it is just mild peeling. Since after the cleaning, I opted not to put anything on my face like powder, makeup, etc. and not to be exposed to the sun. I am also not using any moisturizer (not advisable for oily skin) or toner, but just plain facial wash that I have been using before. I noticed/felt less "lumps" (haha, the term!) whenever I am washing my face. Hmm.. still good signs so far!

Feb 21, '11 12:04 AM | Multiply